The Reality of Water Usage in Showers


Water covers 70% of our planet and while this makes us think water is plentiful and will never run out, we are sadly quite mistaken. Only 3% of the Earth’s water is fresh, and that’s what we use to drink, irrigate our farms, and bathe in. Two-thirds of that freshwater is unavailable to us because its frozen in glaciers. One billion people lack water worldwide and 2.7 billion people experience water scarcity at least one month a year. Think about how much you do that requires water. How difficult life would be if this essential need of ours became an even bigger crisis than it currently is, due to our careless and wasteful behaviour.

If this doesn’t make you realise the urgency of water conservation, I’m not sure what will.   

So why not create a little fun competition in your house with your partner or children by seeing who can shower the quickest? Better yet, buddy up and shower together – there’s nothing like having someone give you a good back scrub in all the places you can’t reach!


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