Sign The Petition Telling Congress To Ban BPA.

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I have talked about BPA and how toxic it is on this site before. And it seems that since other countries around the world are banning it that it is time for our government to do the same.

Sign The Petition:

Potentially harmful chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) is in the blood of 93 percent of Americans aged 6 and older and enters infants through baby bottles. Studies have shown that BPA — which is used to make plastics such as hard, clear plastic baby bottles — may lead to breast and prostate cancer, obesity, reproductive system abnormalities and, in infants, developmental problems.

Canada has already banned BPA from baby bottles. The U.S. Congress should do the same, plus more: BPA is also found in items ranging from food packaging and water bottles to dental sealants.

From witnessing the effects of BPA in experiments, scientists believe this is a toxin the government cannot ignore. Congress needs to act to eliminate this potential health threat before it’s too late. Tell Congress to ban BPA and any other potentially harmful chemical from products that serve as gateways to our bodies.

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