Simple Earth Media Announces Formation of Major New Environmental Media Network

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A group of the Web’s leading environmental blogs, podcasts, and social media outposts have combined to form a environmental publishing and social media powerhouse. The resulting new entity, named Simple Earth Media, includes top environmental media and publishing entities such as Green Living Ideas, Twilight Earth, GreenTalk Radio, and EcoTech Daily (where I am the lead writer), and offers compelling content to site visitors as well as powerful sponsorship opportunities for advertisers.

The brainchild of co-founders Sean Daily, CEO, and Adam Shake, Editor-In-Chief and founder of Twilight Earth, Simple Earth Media is a new media and social media company whose brand mission is to create a compelling, organic, educational network of environmental online venues that engage an ever-growing audience concerned with sustainable lifestyle habits and business practice.

Just wanted to share the news with you guys and say congrats to my friends Sean and Adam on their new venture, which I am thrilled to be a part of!

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  1. Hey if you guys decide to tackle the ad network angle too and have overflow inventory let me know. Seems like all the ‘green’ ad networks I can find are more like ‘greenwashed’ ad networks. 🙂

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