SMS message if the fish you are eating is endangered.

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Now, only if we could get this program here!

From ENN:

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — South African diners whose environmentalism is as discerning as their palates now can turn to technology to help make the right menu choices.

With 76 percent of the world’s fish overexploited or fished to maximum levels, the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative this week launched a text message service that provides information on whether that tender sashimi is from a plentiful or an endangered species.

“Simply send the name of a fish to the number and you will immediately get a message telling you whether to tuck in, think twice or avoid completely,” the coordinator of the initiative, Jaco Barendse, said Friday. His group is supported by the South African government, the international environmentalist group WWF, and others.

Honestly, when I first read the title of the article, I pictured myself out fishing one day and having to SMS back to some unknown entity to find out if I could keep the fish or not! Now that I know its just something to do before you ORDER fish at a restaurant, it makes more sense. Anyone want to bring this to the United States? And maybe include the mercury content as well?

For more info, click over to ENN.

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