So, you want to plug your car in…now what?


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Ever have one of those dreams where instead of going to the gas station every 5 days and giving them all of your money you just plugged your car into the socket in the garage and drove away? Yea, me neither. But you never know, it could be coming soon if the Plug-In Partners have their way!

Plug-In Partners is a national grass roots campaign that aims to show automakers that there is indeed a market for plug in hybrid cars and that they should be taking advantage of it. From the site:

“Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) are outfitted with a battery pack sufficient to power the vehicle from 20 to 60 miles on battery charge alone. Considering that half the cars on America’s roads are driven 25 miles a day or less, a plug-in with a 25-mile range battery could eliminate gasoline use in the daily commute of millions of Americans. The cost of an equivalent electric gallon of gas is estimated to be less than $1.00.”

So, if you want to get in on the fun, be sure to check out Plug-In Partners for more information.

However, if I could add…I was looking through the list of sponsors and a few of them caught my eye:

Southern California Edison
Pacific Gas and Electric
Kansas Light and Power

Let’s see…if my car runs on electricity only, and I plug it in at night, and then my power bill goes up…who else stands to benefit from plug in hybrids? I understand its good for the environment, we will rely less on oil, etc…but it did make me pause and really think about their sponsorship.

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  1. Our power company uses oil to make electricity. So unless you live in an area that uses hydro electric or nuclear, or unless you have solar, wouldn’t it just be the same thing? Unless overall it would take less “oil” to fuel the car up.

  2. In theory its the same thing…but as I have been reading about, the energy produced by utilities is a lot cleaner than what we have to burn to power our cars.

    It is a lot more efficient to make electricty in bulk form than it is to power all of millions of cars…so they say!

  3. Plus the transition to cleaner fuel would be seamless for the end user… If you had an electric car and your power company transitioned to greener methods of generation, your car would automatically get cleaner.

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