Solar Energy Is Bad And Will Kill You.

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Do you see what I did there? I used the same tactic as the ring-wing propaganda machine does to get you to notice them: I lied to you.

Of course solar energy is not bad for you: it’s clean, renewable energy delivered constantly from the sun. But that doesn’t stop me from saying it, does it? And we all know that if you say it, it must be true… at least that’s how a certain segment of our population thinks.

Let’s take a look at a few “facts” that have been passed around lately as newsworthy.

  • Climate change doesn’t exist. Except, well, we know it does… and so do over 98 percent of all climate scientists. If you went to 100 doctors and asked them if you had cancer, and 98 percent of them said yes, would you seek treatment? Or would you believe the 2 percent and carry on your merry way? Thought so. But that doesn’t stop the brilliant minds on the right from making up their own “science.” Republican Congressman Joe Barton is on record as believing that “windmills will slow the wind down and make the wind hotter.” No joke.
  • Gay people are pedophiles. Sadly, I haven’t heard this one just from the religious wackos and Conservatives; I have heard this from people I know. Personally. Gay people like people of the same sex, not children. Not sure how long we need to talk about this, but I would bet that you probably know someone who has this belief.
  • Evolution isn’t real. Nope, we really were riding around on dinosaurs just a few thousand years ago. Didn’t you know that? I don’t care where you stand on religion, but faith does not equal science. Science is fact, faith is anything but. However, you still see elected officials – and textbook writers – trying to put creationism up for debate. Please, no.
  • Obama has spent more than any other U.S. president. Not quite, everyone. Actually, with just a tiny amount of Internet searching, one can find out the truth: that President Obama has actually spent less than any president since Eisenhower. Forbes, which no one would argue is a leftist publication, published an article titled “Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It’s Barack Obama?” Please read it.
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  1. Love your rant. I am so tired of listening to people talk about things they have no idea about. I was recently at a playground and overheard two women talking about Obama, I can sum up the discussion, he is not an American citizen, he is trying to put the white person down to advance his own race (did they forget he is half white?), he wants to take from the rich schools to help the poor inner city (black students) to excel so we (anyone not black) will suffer the consequences of poverty instead. It took everything in me to not ask them to stop so their children wouldn’t have to hear this.

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