Solar Panel Shortage -People gearing up for the future.


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Perusing the web this morning, I came across an article at a preparedness website that mentioned something about a solar panel shortage worldwide. Curious, I googled “solar panel shortage”..and sure enough, it seems we have a problem. Some sites that sell solar panels are saying there could be a 3-6 month wait time from the time you order your panels, and even then the time frame is not guaranteed.

Sounds to me like we have an issue coming up that needs to be dealt with immediately. It takes oil to make the solar cells. We are running out of oil. People want more solar panels and supply cannot keep up with demand now when we have oil.

What happens in the near future when the oil runs out, and no one can get solar panels?

Maybe I need to put my order in now and store them in a closet….

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  1. I also read that that the UK is a huge market that is taking off right now, resulting in shortages here in the States. People here are reluctant to do anything to help solve the energy crisis, unfortunately. Someday we will all have to work harder to do our part!

  2. While I don’t doubt that oil shortages will contribute to this problem going forward, everything that I’ve read seems to indicate that this problems stems from more lucrative markets elsewhere (esp. Germany and Japan) so companies are choosing to ship their panels over there instead of selling them here.

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