Spring Cleaning 101 – The Natural Way To Clean The Air

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Of course, you could go out and buy a $300 filter for your house that not only needs electricity to work but also needs a lot of maintenance, but why do that? There are several ways to naturally clean the air inside your house without spending a fortune on a giant piece of plastic from somewhere in China. The best way? Using plants that specifically target vapors from chemicals and such in your house, you can clean out the gunk without worrying too much about it. All a plant needs is some water and some sun, you can do that, can’t you? Here are some great plants to look for that will clean the air free of charge:

Aloe Vera

Bamboo Palm

Spider Plant (this one does a great job, we have 2)

Peace Lily


Boston Fern

If you can find any or all of these plants at your local nursery or gardening store, I would suggest picking a few up. For less than the cost of a hepa filter or ionizer, you can naturally clean the air of chemicals while increasing the oxygen levels in your house. It’s a win-win!

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