Spring Cleaning 101 – The Natural Way To Clean The Air.

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Since Spring just started, I wanted to concentrate on a series of posts dedicated to how you can do your annual Spring cleaning the natural way without spraying that toxic stuff all over your house. One of the ways to make your house feel clean is to make sure your place smells nice. And although you could walk into any store and buy plug in air fresheners, toxic bottles of spray stuff or burn petroleum candles, there are better ways to make things smell fresh without giving yourself cancer or changing your DNA!

  • For starters, the easiest way we have found to make things smell better is to use essential oils. In an empty spray bottle I mix water and a bunch of drops from a bottle of essential oils. Done! You can adjust the amount of drops you put in the bottle and of course you can always change the scent any time you want. Right now I have some cranberry scented essential oil in our water bottle…the place smells amazing and it can be sprayed on anything; the couch, the curtains, etc. Easy as pie.

  • Another thing you can do is to simmer water on the stove in a pot with cinnamon sticks or essential oils in it. However, since this one uses natural gas or electricity, it is not the best choice. Plus, you have to remember to keep your eye on it so it doesn’t burn off and start catching the pot on fire!

  • You could also put little boxes of baking soda around the house to absorb any bad odors. We do this for the litterbox. Even though our cat is not exactly a stinker, the baking soda absorbs any strong smells that he might leave behind. This also works great in the refrigerator to absorb the leftover smell from last night’s chili.

  • And lastly, you could always get some flowers from your local farmer’s market and put them in vases around your house. The smell of fresh flowers is always a pleasant one and it leaves behind no toxic residue like plug-ins and sprays.
  • We will continue to bring your more Spring cleaning ideas in the next couple of weeks, with topics on cleaning your wood floor to getting rid of mold in the bathroom to polishing your furniture. Stay tuned!

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