Spring Cleaning 101 – The Natural Way To Clean Your Toilet.

Yea, I know…it is not exactly dinner table talk. But still, you have to clean your toilet from time to time, no? But instead of using that stuff they sell in the pretty colorful bottles filled with bleach, wouldn’t you rather use stuff that is safe for you and your family and can be found in your kitchen? I knew you would.

Let’s see if you can round up the following supplies around the house:

Lemon Juice – I use real lemons by squeezing out the juice. When I am done, I put pieces of the peel down the disposal to clean it out.


Distilled white vinegar – I know you have this already!


Borax – Ok, you might not have this one. But it is widely available for a few bucks and its cleaning powers go back years.

You will need to combine the ingredients to make a nice paste in a bowl. Put about 1 cup of Borax and about 1/4-1/2 a cup of either lemon juice or vinegar and it will mix together nicely. All you need to do is spread the paste you just made
into the toilet bowl and let it sit a while. Then come back and scrub it with a scrubbing sponge (we use the washable kind, not the disposable kind) and flush the toilet. Not only will it be clean and shiny, but it will smell pretty good too!

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