Spring Cleaning 101 – The Natural Way To Polish Wood.

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Since everyone I know has wood furniture, it is no wonder that the wood cleaning and polishing industry has so many products available. There are rows and rows of petroleum-based products in the market, and even though they might smell like fresh lemons, the chemicals that are in each one of them are very bad for you. They can cause all sorts of lung problems and central nervous system problems that I cannot believe people use them to spray all over their house!

There is a better way to polish all the wood furniture in your house, and all the ingredients are probably already in your house, meaning you do not have to drop $3.99 for a bottle of chemicals at the store. The first ingredient is water, of course. Get yourself a spray bottle and put 3 cups of water in there. Once the water is in your sprayer, you will be adding two additional items:

4 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar

Add them to the spray bottle and shake the bottle up a little to make everything mix together. That’s it, that is all the wood polish you will ever need. To wipe actually polish the wood and wipe it up, be sure to use something like flannel so it will not damage your furniture..plus you probably have an old one of these around too!

Be sure to test the spray somewhere on the furniture just to make sure you have the mixture right and you will not damage the wood. And feel better about the fact that you are no longer using chemicals just to polish the wood in your house!

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