15 Kick-Ass Health Reasons To Start Riding Your Bike Today

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We have all heard the phrase – Get on yer bike! But sometimes it can feel like too much effort to dig it out, oil the chain and go for a ride. I mean, who has time for that?

Hopefully, we are The Good Human will show you just how easy it is to slip cycling into your daily life. These 15 kick-ass benefits improve your health and far more. Nobody said you have to wear lycra – although don’t let us stop you!

You will be surprised to see us identify all of the top daily gripes as we go through the article – who knew that 2 wheels could be the answer to so many of them?

1. Reduce Stress

Everyone is stressed. Long hours, over-commitment, the glorification of busy, no time to exercise, no time to think…sounds too familiar to many of us.

Why not consider cycling to work. If it has been a bad day you can hammer out the journey, allowing your tension to pound the pedals. It is so easy to incorporate into your daily life, if you simply change your normal habits of jumping into the car for your small journeys.

Just imagine – you will be eliminating road rage too!

Choose your bike before your car when you are shopping, commuting, visiting friends and family, doctors appointments and anything else you can think of. Exercise reduces stress and bike commuters have reported lower stress levels than individuals who drive or use public transport.

2. Save Money

Once you have outlayed the cost of your bicycle, or paid your monthly loan fee (yes you can loan a bicycle!) and of course purchased sensible shoes and clothing – your transport cost diminishes to zero!

There is no cost of ever increasingly expensive gasoline to worry about, nor the cost of a train or bus ticket.

Cycling is one of the most efficient forms of human transport, and it will cost you calories. And let’s be honest, most of us have a few of those to spare.

3. Go Green

As you are here on The Good Human, I think it is safe to assume that you care about our environment. So besides saving money by leaving your car at home, and of course saving yourself from sprouting grey hairs through stress…. you could even be saving the planet!

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