15 Kick-Ass Health Reasons To Start Riding Your Bike Today

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Biking is green! Zero greenhouse gas emissions (besides to make the bike in the first place). This is a sure fire way to make your carbon footprint teeny tiny.Bike Riding Family

4. Bond With Your Family & Spouse

I was not really sure which order I should put these first 4 tips to be honest – and even number 5 – they are all so important to us. (Consider this joint first along with all of the others!)

Cycling is such a wonderful way to get to know your significant other and of course your kids better and have some fun with them, in a healthy way! You can point out interesting things to your little ones – teach them about nature, the laws of physics, especially motion. You can play eye-spy, have a race, explore and just have fun.

This can go a whole lot further still, take a look at the Vogel family.  They rode their bikes with their two young sons, for 17,285 miles from Alaska to Argentina.

Many people dream of taking off with their children to travel the world.  Their dreams are filled with days of visiting the Egyptian pyramids or the Taj Majal.  They will travel on buses and planes and boats…  But traveling the world on bicycle?  With kids?  Why?  I have now cycled about 27,000 miles with my twin sons, and can tell you that traveling by bike may just be the best way to travel – even with kids!

They make sure that their boys learn what they need to through ‘road schooling’ – you can find out much more about this on their site.

5. Get Fit!

Yes, tip five is another contender for the top spot. What is worth more than our health? We can get into tip top shape, and stay there by incorporating cycling into our daily routine.

Outdoor cycling is better than a stationary bike because of wind resistance, different terrain and the being-in-nature-stress-reduction-factor. It’s a real thing.

Biking will give you a good cardiovascular workout, that you control by the pace you ride at. Plus it puts less impact on your joints than running and other high impact forms of exercise. It preserves cartilage, which is especially important if you are overweight, it won’t overtax your knees.

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