Stop the global warming, I want to get off!

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Over at Inside Bay, they have a great article up about 10 different ways we can slow global warming and maybe, just maybe, escape our demise at the hand of killer hurricanes, heat waves, flooding a la Katrina, droughts….must I really go on?

Seems that those who believe that global warming exists have their lists of what we can do to try to at least slow it down. Reversing it seems like too big of a challenge to me, but maybe we can delay any ill effects until another 1000 years from now; I figure I wont be alive by then anyway. But I digress. Anyways, even I have a list of things we can do if you so need to fulfill your need to read another list.

From the article:

” With New York City finally ridding itself of the smells that only a nasty heat wave can incubate, and the Bay Area looking at a past heat wave of its own, people are starting to do the math.

And what they’re realizing is that, after living for hundreds of years without much of a care for the environment, the planet may be about to retaliate by giving us, and our children, and our children’s children, a future climate that we are wholly unprepared to face.

Or, as an environmentalist mathematician might say in shorthand: Gluttony + Time = Global Warming.”

Well, ain’t that the truth. Wish I have thought of “Gluttony + Time = Global Warming”. I think that might even be a perfect title for a movie of the week! In all seriousness though, it is a very powerful statement that sums up the fact that we have been using and abusing the earth as our own personal trash dump, and its payback time. For those that still don’t think that we are in a world of trouble:

” “Well, I say they’re wrong,” says Laurie David, an environmental activist who helped found the Stop Global Warming Virtual March, a movement to get individuals to use their collective voices to demand governments, corporations and politicians take the steps necessary to stop global warming. “And more than 2,000 scientists from 100 countries are right. There’s more consensus right now that global warming is real than there was that tobacco smoking caused cancer when that whole movement started.” “

Hey, at least this time they didnt mention that she was Larry David’s wife. Whoops! Sorry about that..seems every time her name is mentioned, we have to be informed about her husband. Why is that? Why cant Mrs. David stand on her own as an environmental activist? Sometimes that kind of stuff really irritates me.

Anyway, please be sure to check out this article. Yes, it contains stuff you might already know…but repetition breeds knowledge as my teachers used to say, and maybe some of it will stick in your head long enough so that you can use it when someone tells you “there is nothing we can do!!!!”

Read the entire article at Inside Bay

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