Stop Saying That Iraqis Must Take Care Of Their Problems.

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Warning, political rant ahead…

I am very sorry about this if politics are not your thing…but I have to get something off my chest. And although I do spend most of my time on this site covering environmental issues, I just got finished watching some of the hearings with General Petraeus and I just had to jot something down.

I am getting increasingly tired of hearing newscasters, politicians and even military personnel talking about how the Iraqis need to step up and take care of themselves. About how they need to get organized so they can defend themselves against the suicide bombers and other insurgents within their own country. Why am I tired of hearing this? Because to me it seems as though we are blaming the victim for what happened to them. Readers of this website know that I am no fan of President Bush and his policies. But this trend of blaming the Iraqis for their problems is really getting to me.

In case these people already forgot, we are the ones that invaded the country and bombed the hell out of it. We are the ones that started a war against a country that had done absolutely nothing to us and who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. And lest you think differently, I am 100% behind the men and women overseas fighting in this war; they are doing their job and I fully support them. But I do not support this war, not one bit of it. Hearing all these people blame the Iraqi citizens and military for what is going on over there is just plain wrong. We caused the problems…Saddam was no saint, but he also had nothing to do with 9/11…even though that’s the premise that they sold us this war on.

And although we have no business being there, the fact is is that we ARE there…and we need to be there until order is restored. Believe me, I want all of our troops to come home asap…I don’t want another soldier to die in this needless war. But unfortunately, because we started it, we should stay until things get better. The Iraqi civilians need our help; they cannot go it alone.

So please, people in the media and politicians, please stop blaming the Iraqis for their woes. Please stop telling them that they need to fix all the problems in their country. Please keep in mind that we started this mess…we bombed the city first…we threw out the government…this mess was caused by us. It’s us AND the Iraqis that need to help each other clean up any problems, not the Iraqis themselves under threat of us walking away if they don’t.

Again, sorry if politics is not your thing, but I had to get that off my chest.

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  1. I’m not that interested in political discussions but I am so against what George Bush has done in Iraq and I have been since day one. What a huge waste of resources and life this war has been to say nothing of the destruction of another country. On the other hand I totally agree with you. We are responsible for what happened there and we need to stop blaming the Iraqis. I think the government is now going to use them as an excuse to get out and the devastation of Iraq will be complete.

  2. The issue is the Iraqi’s do have problems that we didn’t create. The three groups are putting the welfare of thier sect, tribe and family above that of the state. This means no compromise can be found for the division of natural resources and continued distrust and killing of people from “another” group. Of course this is all stuff that should have been thought of before the invasion (which i think was a complete mistake/lie) But I think unless we are willing to act like Saddam Hussein and brutally suppress the violence (yeah, I know this sounds like an oxymoron), we are not doing any good being there.

  3. On the contrary, what this country needs is defeat and humiliation in Iraq. The best way to dissuade future administrations from this sort of opportunistic adventurism is for the United States to be thoroughly humiliated and discredited, most importantly at home, but also abroad. This will in effect save thousands of lives by forestalling this sort of behavior in the future. It’s called “The Vietnam Syndrome”, the unwillingness to support agression against those unlucky enough to live in the rest of the world, and it is a GOOD thing. What we do in the Third World is mostly evil, exploitative and wrong, and our defeat will give our victims some respite. We are no longer “The Last Best Hope of Mankind”, and have not been for a while. I realize that the United States is too powerful to be thoroughly defeated, but even 20 years of inhibition will save countless lives. Losing wars can be a very good thing for nations; we don’t worry about the Germans or Japanese anymore, do we? I know there are good aspects to our foreign policy, but it is mostly tainted by considerations of self-interest, and it does not outweigh, in my opinion, the harm we do. The important thing is to have a defeat that sours America on further agression and not a defeat that provokes fantasies of revenge against “stabs in the back” and the like. That is why the current situation is desirable: a slow, grinding descent into futility, untainted by delusions of nobilty in defeat. It’s for our own (and the rest of the world’s) good, believe me. We have done enough harm, we cannot salvage the situation, only make it worse, the best thing we can hope for is defeat.

  4. Spike – There won’t be an American defeat. Period. If and when we leave, we will blame it on the Iraqis and their unwillingness to help us. We will still “win” if you want to call it that, and all the corporate interests over there will also win.

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