Stop Worrying, The Planet Will Be Fine…


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It’s us that I am worried about.

It’s true, most of the living things on the planet are going to take a mean beating if things continue to warm up as every credible scientist on earth seems to believe, but the planet itself will be perfectly fine…it will still be here long after we are gone. It’s the humans and all the animals that might not make it, and that is why I have been giving something a lot of thought.

I think we need to change the message of the environmental movement.

See, there are still millions of people that think that global warming and all the problems it could bring is a hoax set upon us by…well, I am not sure who is doing it. People still think that A. it is not happening and B. that the planet will figure out a way to save itself. As for A, I think all they have to do is start reading scientific reports about it to see that it is indeed happening and is not just some cyclical “thing” that happens now and then. As for B, I agree with them 100%…the planet will figure a way to survive global warming and fix it by getting rid of the problem, which is us. We are the problem. We are causing it. The unending assault on the environment by carbon dioxide emissions, our cars, our coal plants, our strip-mining of the earth, our pollution of our oceans and waterways with toxic sludge and wayward plastics, and our disregard for our natural forests and environment is leading us down a very dangerous precipice that everyone should be equally concerned about. But they are not and that is because human beings believe that they are in-fact infallible and could never cause the damage that scientists are telling us that we are causing. So I think we need to change the message to one of a more personal concern.

Telling people that the environment is hurting does not seem to change any minds. Telling them that their water supply is in danger does not seem to bother them. That is why we need to start admitting that the planet will be fine even with global warming, it’s just that we won’t be here anymore. Maybe then people will start to care enough to do their small part to clean up their act. Maybe if we stop harping on the animals and the rain forest and the polar bears and begin concentrating on people’s own families, their children, their grandparents, their future generations, we can get their attention.

You can leave out the part about peak oil as people just say that technology will save us. You can leave out the part about flood waters invading Manhattan, as technology will save us. You can even leave out the part about buying a hybrid vehicle, as people just say they cannot afford one. None of this matters to the naysayers, as none of it is any concern to them. They just think that some magic pill will come along to save humanity, just as we all fall for every pharmaceutical ad on the TV telling us we need medicine for this, that and the other thing. Someone will save us, so why worry?

Begin by asking them what will happen if no one does save us. Ask them if they care if any future generations of their family will get to live on planet earth the way we all got to, or will they be punished for the inaction by us, the current residents. Ask them why it is a bad thing for us to care about the only planet we have been given. Ask them just how painful it is to put a soda can in a blue container out back rather than a black one. Make it more personal. Make it so they can be more involved. From an abstract point of view, the average human sees the earth as much bigger than themselves, and thus much more powerful…and as such can fix itself without our help. And it fact it will…by getting rid of us.

So when you have a chance, change the message. I think that is the only way we can start to get through to all the people who don’t seem to give a damn that global warming is happening, because no one sees it as an imposition on their own personal life. This needs to change, and it needs to change quickly before the earth finally does fix the problem.

And if you happen to like this post and think someone could use reading it, I would appreciate if you passed it along so we can spread the message. Thanks!

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  1. A very good post and a message which agrees with my opinion. The Earth will find a way to balance out the problem and there is a high chance that will be by removing humans who have created the problems!

    For instance if water use keeps increasing there will be shortages as seen in the South East of England last year. Over a long period of time a drought will lead to deaths. However many people’s attitude seems to be that water should be supplied no matter how much they use because they don’t think of the impact of their actions.

  2. You are correct in saying that the global warming issue is more than just another campaign slogan, more that just another case of greenwashing and is more than just recycling your garbage. Instead of sticking their heads in the sand, pretending they are doing their part, all people that are environmentally awake must start saying more and more against the root of this issue; we need a Constitutional amendment to cause the not-so-environmentally-friendly corporations to be more responsible to the people it sells its products, not just treat them as cunsumers/customers, but treat them as real human beings, with compassion, caring and love.

    As for the environmental groups, they also must learn that having a gathering is more than just a great place to meet new people, sharing ideas, instead these gatherings must have an agenda with milestones and objectives, regardless if there is financing to complete the project. And the agenda should be more than just a form letter or petition to send to the regulatory authorities.

    There are too many gatekeepers of vital information in this world and for the person stuck on the sixth floor of a high rise condo, how will they be able to do their part when there isn’t any rational information suggesting what to do; I know everyone wants to do their part but they just don’t know what to do.

  3. I agree we need a perspective shift – reframing the problem may make people think about it more and take real action.

  4. You’ve got the right idea about the change of focus, but you don’t quite hit the mark on what the focus should be. Focusing on family might work in other countries, but in the U.S. if people truly viscerally gave a whit about their children’s/grandchildren’s futures, or their own, they would be saving for retirement, demanding a social security fix, and raging against outsourcing, the end of decent childhood education as it was when I was young.

    No, what the focus in this country MUST be–and what it already is starting to be which is why global warming is starting to be high on the issue list, is—-MONEY.

    People are starting to realize, hey, wait a minute, I can’t get insurance on my beach house any more. Oops, a flood or mudslide wiped out my new Beemer two years in a row. Darn, my air conditioning bill sure is high this year. And, the ones who are a bit more aware and responsible may be saying, well, if I put grass on the roof of my new corporate headquarters I’ll save money on energy AND make the roof last longer, so I can pay myself a bigger dividend with the savings. Or, gee, IF the ocean really does rise as much as they say, then I’ll have 50 guatemalans living in my yard in Colorado because the land they used to have is under water. And I won’t like this because I paid $2000 an acre for my land–and they won’t be using a toilet.

    THAT is how you can motivate people in this country–ESPECIALLY those with the certain political perspective who we all know have been the chief denyers and foot draggers.

  5. Hi,

    Worry about people you say…

    What do you mean…NOT turn the Environment and GW into the new global Religion?

    That makes way to much sense…


  6. I think people in general are intelligent enough to realize the ultimate consequences of global warming…its not that the message isn’t clear, it’s that people are lazy and greedy

  7. The other problem is that most of the loudest naysayers don’t care about what will be left for their children, because they are also the firmest believers that the rapture is coming before they die.

  8. I don’t want to stir a pot that is already on the verge of potential riot but I’d also like to point out that a large portion of the naysayers believe that god is causing the temperature changes and all the other environmental concerns. And there is no way to change the mind of a person who is of an extremist religious faith.

    That said, I agree with the article and with Scott’s comment about money. I think if campaigners made going green the cheaper alternative (or the most self gaining for the uber greedy) instead of the eco-friendly, save the planet, save your children’s future and all the other different messages everyone would jump on board.

  9. People talk about THE environment as if its an entity in itself. It’s not the only environment that exists. Rather, it’s OUR environment. The one in which we live and thrive. We are stuck in it for the rest of our lives. When an organism destroys its own environment, guess what disappears with it…

  10. The end is not here!

    Hi Guys

    I am maintaining a blog addressing the best way to cure the problem once and for all. And this is not a hoax!

    Comments are welcome and i do not bite.

    Read it and feel better about our world.


  11. “and as such can fix itself without our help. And it fact it will”¦by getting rid of us.”

    What? The hell it will if I have anything to say about it. Your going down Earth! I’ll trash you good!

    Now where did I put my favorite strip-miner…

  12. Wow. You sure dismissed the scientific debate that’s still raging. And you jumped right to trying to solve the problem. Just a few questions for you.

    Q: In the last 200,000 years, what is the average high and lows for temperature, CO2 (and other green house gases), and temperature of the sun, plus density (and makeup) of the earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field? Chart this out.

    Q: Looking at this large chart, is there a significant upswing in (a few, many, or all of these factors ) in the last 300 years? If not, why doesn’t it show? If so, what changed, and can you accurately model why it changed?

    Q: Can you show that mankind’s habits have significantly changed the temperature of the planet over this 300 year timespan when compared to the 200,000 year timespan?

    Q: Can you show in what ways mankind’s habits have accelerated (or delayed) global warming, AND that the cumulative “natural” processes that affect global warming aren’t MORE of a contributing factor when measuring 300 years versus 200,000?

    I’m not saying mankind shouldn’t be aware of and control our consumption. Nor am I saying we shouldn’t work hard to limit the damage we may be doing. But, I am suggesting that until someone can actually answer the questions posed (and a number of others) to the satisfaction of the majority of climatologists, we’re still in the “obtaining data” phase and it’s much too early to jump to the “building a solution” phase.

  13. 1. The plannet is cold (ice age) in most of the time. Warm is not normal.

    2. Human may cause some problem, but we have little understand of what we can do and what will be the consequence if we act this or that way. STOP thinking we can change the plannet. We were part of the plannet, we should do what we should do. What we have done right or wrong is not judge by us. Be humble.

    3. DO NOT ACT! Try to use less energy, wast less, keep the environment clean. But DO NOT TRY TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING. NOT EVEN TRY TO REVERSE IT!!!!

    We should be humble all the time. Do not think we can change the world. No one should be allowed to change the world.

    I hope all can do some good act to the environment to use less, waste less, pullue less. But no on should be allowed to try to stop the global warming. It is human I am really worry about!

  14. You are leaving out one fundamental point- humans will resist the Earth trying to kill them- and they will do what it takes to survive.

    We will not ‘leave’ without a fight.

    My BIGGEST issue I have with the “Global Warming is complete Truth” crowd is that they tie together their ‘Truth’ with wanting to be more energy conscious. Why do these two things need to by tied together? Can’t we want to use less harmful forms of energy just for the sake of using less natural resources? Why do we have to feel that a crisis is coming and that if we don’t all buy hybrid cars and put solar panels on our roofs that the North pole is going to be a tropical island where the last polar bear drowned years ago?

    It’s ridiculous.

  15. I think that this stuff about the “global warming” could be another Hoax sent like the “terrrifying effect y2K” , which would have had us, simply human beings, alone without any technological weapon in the NEW century (only the VCR).
    I dare you to remember that the earth was warm and selvatic inthe past, and after that becamed long periods of glaciations (in spite deodorants weren,t had invented) and the human being grow up in one of them. Think about taht perhaps we are in a ciclic period of climate change current in the planet….
    Scientist are strongly influenced by the industry lobby (“y2k effect” was a proof) and they usually forget and disregards their pitfalls.

  16. Unfortunately the facts do not add up to the conlusion of catastrophy for the human race. I suggest looking these up before jumping off the cliff with Al Gore:

    – Global surface temperatures have increased only about 0.6°C in the last 100 years. ( IPCC )
    – Global average sea level has risen only about 6 inches in the last 100 years. (Based on tidal guage data) ( IPCC )
    – Global mean sea level rise is in the range of 1.0 to 2.0 mm/yr. (Based on tidal guage data) ( IPCC )
    – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere have risen by about 30% (280-370 ppmv) over the past 100 years. ( IPCC )
    – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is only about 0.038% of the atmosphere. ( NASA )
    – Humans can only claim responsibility for about 3.4% of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere annually.
    – Ice core records show Carbon Dioxide (CO2) changes lag behind Temperature changes by hundreds of years.
    – Carbon Dioxide accounts for somewhere between 4.2% and 8.4% of the greenhouse effect.
    – Water Vapor + Clouds account for about 90-95% of the greenhouse effect. ( NASA )

    The Anti “Man-Made” Global Warming Resource:

  17. I understand many of the views being expressed in this article and the following posts, but I have to wonder why we are so afraid to admit that our species will die? Over ninety-nine percent of the species that have inhabited this plant are now dead, so it makes sense to think that our species will be drawn up in the extinction lottery. But the death of our species is the essential opportunity required so that other species, both plant and animal, can come to inhabit this planet.

    Even though I want to have kids I don’t find myself worrying about how they are going to survive. Future generations will survive or they won’t survive and some other animal will come in to pick up the slack that will be left in our absence. There is a chance that this new species will be related to us, the next step from the days of Cro-magnum man, or it won’t be; that’s okay. Maybe we should shift the focus from preserving our species to make making sure the things we have learned and the achievements that have been made out last every last one of us so that they can come as a help to future generations of species regardless of whether or not they are ours.

  18. If we are going to become extinct it sure is not going to be from a projected 1 degree average mean temperature rise or another projected 6 inches of sea level rise over 100 years.

    I wish people would look at the observational data and actual facts, not the hysteria propaganda put out by someone who only has a B.A degree in government and received D in Natural Sciences 6, a C+ in Natural Sciences 118 and an F in theology and natural science in college (Al Gore).

  19. not only will the PLANET be ok, but chlorophyll will survive, in its varigated glory. whatever form of suicide humanity chooses, some perfectly lovely creatures will evolve to fill the niches. it is regrettable that no current member of phylum chordata is likely to be part of that future, but who knows?

  20. This is a wonderful post. I have forwarded on MYSPACE and have it blogged on my profile. This is EXACTUALLY how people should be viewing this problem. Kudos!

  21. The earth has been in a lot worse living conditions for man. Greenhouse environment?
    Ha-it used to be a big swamp. Nothing is goin gto hurt the earth, it will just keep boiling and mixing. There are no additives to the environment that doesnt already exist as part of the element makeup of earth. Shake it up, it will all settle out with time. So all you tree huggers are really afraid of the human race
    -no ? or Yeah ? (what side fo the border are you from ?), The best thing for the earth is to get rid of the human race. Isnt that right tree huggers ? But to address the air and water quaility is a problem, especially water !!!!! There will be wars over water ! The USA has done so much to reduce gas emissions at a very costly effort. Its the rest of the world that will not comply. They’re not going to follow our lead, never have, never will. The third world countries are polluting the s**t out of us. We have to keep hammering away at our congress to cut back on china’s trade, cut down on factory water useage, massive immigration (i.e. water and land abuse)and stop DDT from coming across our southern border. Farmers love it, it is a banned substance in the US, but very prolific. You can buy it yourself in Mexico and bring it in. Al Gore is way out of bounds. We dont need to join the Kyoto treaty, we are not the cause and we need to keep our power as a free country. Don’t think the Kyoto treaty will change that ? It will. Im rambling on………

  22. Um…wow? So glad that our environmental issues are only caused by A. people from south of the border and B. third world countries. Thanks for clarifying all of of errors.

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