Storage Containers On The Cheap.

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The following is a guest post from Paid Twice, a blog about one family’s journey to eliminate their debt, and beyond.

David has posted before about reusing cardboard boxes as storage. Well, I’ve taken that a step further in our house. We’re under a big budget crunch while trying to pay down some debt, and I don’t feel like we can spend the money on storage solutions for our home. But we have two small children with doting grandparents who have bestowed on us a multitude of blocks, stuffed animals, and other assorted toys. We had nowhere to put them away and it was driving me crazy.

Enter, the cardboard box. Now, I’m not talking about just any cardboard box – a bunch of random cardboard boxes in your house might just seem like you’re moving. These are dressed up cardboard!

I take a cardboard box, fold the top flaps down inside to reinforce the sides, then I cover the outside of the box with contact paper. You could use wrapping paper even, but my kids would destroy that. I would guess you could even make fabric cozies for the boxes if you were crafty like that. But I use contact paper, I buy it on sale and then cover the outside and top rim with it. And – ta da, my boring ugly cardboard box looks like a storage bin for cheap. I’m reusing something instead of recycling it and also not buying something else to do the same job. And it is cute. Win win win for me I think.

An even better solution would to have less toys… I’ll get the grandparents right to work on that. Have I mentioned my parents sent our one year old daughter a slide for her birthday? The grandparents like to send “stuff”.

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