Stories From The Gulf One Year After The BP Oil Disaster

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As we approach the one year anniversary of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf on April 20th, the NRDC wants to remind us that life along the Gulf of Mexico has not returned to normal, that the oil keeps rolling in with the tide, and the damage done continues undercutting people’s lives. By partnering with StoryCorps and Bridge the Gulf to record, share, and preserve the stories and experiences of those living through the BP oil disaster, we can ensure that neither the stories of this disaster nor the lessons we can learn from it are lost. We need to keep this disaster in the forefront of our minds and in our policy decisions, as after watching some of these videos we realize just how damaging this oil spill was when it happened and continues to be to this very day.

The stories range from a mother who runs several businesses out of her house to support her family and questions how they will now scrape by–to a family already living on their boat unable to make the rent for their house–to a mother and daughter of the Atakapa Tribe, a community native to the bayous of Louisiana, threatened by the oil disaster’s reach into their community.

“It hurts to see how something like this can divide your community.”
Fisherman Acy Cooper talks about BP hiring practices, seafood safety, and the affect the oil disaster has had on his community. Recorded in Buras, LA on October 19, 2010.

You can watch all 11 video clips and stories at, and please be sure to share this with those friends and family who are interested in the survival of the Gulf after the disaster. We cannot forget the damage that came from the BP oil spill, and hearing the stories of those still living with it will keep the issue alive.

And also, while you are here thinking about it, tell Congress to implement the recommendations of the presidential oil spill commission to prevent another Gulf oil disaster.

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