Surviving Tonight’s Full Moon

What exactly is a full moon? Does is really have an effect on human emotions?

It happens every single month, so maybe it is time that we learned a little more about the impact that a Full Moon might be having on us. The moon goes through various cycles each month:

Courtesy Universe Today
Courtesy Universe Today


◦ New Moon – This occurs at the start of each new cycle. It is said to bring energy for new possibilities. It is an auspicious time to set intentions for the month ahead

◦ Waxing Moon – The next phase is known as a waxing moon, and is shown by a gradually appearing crescent. It is a time for growth and continued action to bring the intentions from the last phase to fruition.

◦ Full Moon – The middle of the cycle is marked by the climax of the Full Moon, the release of energy. It is said to be full of power like the high tide. Now is the point to release that which no longer serves you, shed your old skin and reemerge. It could possibly have an impact on our emotions, this will be explored further.

◦ Waning Moon – The waning moon is marked by a gradually disappearing crescent. The impact described during this phase is a sucking withdrawal.

◦ Dark Moon – At this time it is suggested that you take time to prepare for the new cycle, in quiet meditation.

Full Moon Madness

Courtesy Universe Today
Courtesy Universe Today

The Full Moon comes around every 29.53 days to be precise and has been documented as causing many side effects, including ‘lunacy‘. The word lunacy is documented to have originated from a mid 13th century term from the word ‘luna‘, which is latin for ‘moon‘.  It originally referred to intermittent craziness linked to changes of the moon.

At this time of the month there is often an increase in aggression, with more violent crimes, suicides and even animal bites recorded. Evidence is patchy, but anecdotally the trend is clearly in favour of this. There are studies to show that the Full Moon does have a marked impact on human sleep patterns.

Full Moon in Cancer

This month the full moon falls in the astrological sign of cancer, which means that people may be extra sensitive and intuitive. This is said to be a time to honour the mothers, and maternal figures in our lives. If you are a mother yourself then take the opportunity to honour yourself. It is a veritable ‘astrological mother’s day‘. If there was ever a time that the Full Moon could impact you emotionally, it should therefore be this one. So take it easy on yourself! If you are feeling wobbly have some time out to relax.

Full Moon Rituals

Courtesy Global Consciousness
Courtesy Global Consciousness

As we have seen, this phase is the time for us to take action, particularly in line with intentions that were set around the time of the New Moon. The following are some simple ways to welcome this heart sensitive New Moon at the start of this New Year.

1. Releasing emotional baggage

This could be the most important thing that you can do tonight. It will benefit countless areas of your spirit life, leaving your mind clear. Define your boundaries, to provide space for the things that you really want to bring into your life. Let go of your troubles in order to leave your arms open to receive. Unburden your shoulders, purge those demons and forgive those that have hurt you. Even more important is to forgive yourself. Set yourself free from any grudges that you are holding against yourself!

Suggestions of ways that you can release are:

  • Discard a uniform that you are stuck wearing – an identity, behaviour, attitude, frame of mind, career path
  • Overcome your fear of change – such as a situation or unhealthy relationship
  • Stop searching externally without looking within
  • Decide that you are good enough
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Feel confident about money flow
  • Let go of needing approval from others
  • Simply stop clinging onto the shore and let the waves take you where you want to go

2. Nourish yourself

One old habit that certainly will not serve you going forward is overeating (particularly unhealthy food) and over drinking. This time of the year is often highlighted by a hangover induced by overindulgence from the festive season. The Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to let go of unhealthy behaviours and start afresh. Eating clean, vibrant foods will start your month and indeed your year with the best possible flow of energy.

3. Clean your nest

Courtesy Cleaners West London
Courtesy Cleaners West London

Looking at your home with ‘new eyes‘ allows you to really see the hotspots where clutter has built. It is easy to become numb to this over time. When you relook you may be surprised at what you have been living with. Free up the energy flow by clearing out. A clean home is said to be linked to a clean mind.  Add plants for vibrant energy, maybe a lick of bright cheerful paint here and there and decorate with crystals to take yourself to the next level!

4. Pull your weight

Make a commitment to stop being lazy. Now that you have released your unnecessary baggage you will have time and space to get on with the things that matter. Remember that energy is kinetic. The more you put in, the more you gain. So get off the couch and write that book, or go for that run that you are forever promising yourself.


Courtesy Universe Today
Courtesy Universe Today

Following these suggestions for the Full Moon could give you a chance to take advantage of the energy flowing at this time of the month. The ebb and flow of tides are known to be linked to the moon and we are around 80% water, so it is possible that we are affected. Keeping a journal through each month noting feelings and lunar phases may help you to be more aware of your feelings, so that you can work with your own rhythms.

Maybe you could emerge with the New Moon as a New You! Maybe there is something behind the myths, you could make way for some fabulous opportunities when you release the decaying areas!

So what will you let go of tonight?

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