Take Some Time To See The World Around You.


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How can you see what damage has been done and how you can help out if you don’t take the time to really see the world around you? Getting out in nature connects you to our planet in a way that just reading blogs or watching TV cannot do – you see the impact we humans can have, both good and bad! How else can you know that your local river is polluted and needs a cleanup, or that a conservation group just spent an entire weekend cleaning up local favorite hiking trail? You need to get outside and out of that rut of going to work, sitting in a cubicle, and then watching TV at night…to be a real steward for the planet, you must see first-hand what is happening on it!

I believe that the reason so many people write off the environmental movement is because they don’t have any experience enjoying the outdoors. They don’t go hiking, or spend a weekend in the woods at a cabin or enjoy biking by the beach – they spend too much time cooped up either at home or at work. For those people, getting out of that comfort zone could be a life-changing experience. For example, have you ever been to a place where you can see the Milky Way because of the lack of light pollution? It’s amazing! Or how about to a town where the mountains are in full view and not shrouded in yellow pollution-fueled haze? It’s amazing what you can see when you take the time to actually see it! Littering, driving polluting cars, throwing recyclables in the landfill, and caring only about oneself could probably all be reduced if we could get people to see up close and person what they are doing to the planet. Too many do a “drive-by” of nature to even notice or stake tock of what their actions could be causing for the entire world around them.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Alaskan Dude

So if you have friends or family who are not that into “going green” or being “eco-friendly”, try to get them outdoors. Take them hiking or biking. Get them spend some time enjoying the planet that we all inhabit, instead of being in a rush to turn the TV on at night. Help them see how even the smallest actions of a few can do a lot of damage for everyone else. Even just a few transformed souls can go a long way to improving the health of our world.

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  1. i walk or bike most every day, just near my home. not much need to go too far, since it’s so gorgeous, rural and natural here. on those daily, local treks, i see differences in the vegetation, bugs, sky, sun and wind. i could write a daily blog post on what i see, it changes so much. this is what we need to tune into to be reminded that we are nature. we don’t need to go out into nature, because we are just as much a part of it as a grasshopper or a sunrise.

  2. I spend most of my days in the wilderness and back country of Montana. Although I see few humans, I always find their garbage. It is disgusting to see how people carelessly throw out trash beside the road. I never return from the woods with out a huge bag of trash I have picked up. Please if you “Pack it in, Pack it out”. Together we can make a difference.

  3. I think this is an especially good point when it comes to children, who spent more time indoors with TV or video games than exploring outside. I think this trend will have negative repercussions as they become adults..we’ll have an entire generation of people who just don’t get why it’s important to protect natural resources they haven’t even experienced.

  4. More and more research is showing that being in nature is physically beneficial to people. Spending time in nature has been shown to lower stress levels and reduce symptoms of ADD – I think our bodies feel the connection even if our minds don’t always see it.

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