Take The Quiz To Find Out Your Water Footprint.


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Did you know that the average American uses 660,000 gallons of water every year? Compare that to the average Chinese who uses 185,000 gallons, and you can see just how much water we waste vs. how much we actually need to live on. After the stay at the earthship last year, I really concentrated on cutting our water use down as much as possible. To see how big my water footprint is here in my house, I went over to Water Footprint and took a look. Even though I have low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, and take 4 minute (max) showers, it wasn’t pretty when compared to the rest of the world. While I am not sure it’s the most accurate calculator, it still was quite bothersome:

What is your water footprint? Go take a look and see….

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  1. Did you take the detailed quiz? I took the quick one and got 3042. I’m in Ecuador, but if I change the input to USA, I get almost 3 times the volume.

    Maybe I’d try the detailed quiz when I have the time to calculate all the items. Greets!

  2. Rarely do I weigh in on articles I come across but this one I must. My profession is an energy engineer and my primary focus is on the residential sector. A part of my job is to analyze in detail the average water and energy consumption of residents to find various improvement measures to cut down the utility usage. I have analyzed thousands of residents and have become quite knowledgeable in the field. With that being said, the 660,000 gallons per individual per year seems astronomically high. On average, an individual in an efficient household should be using about 55-65 gallons per person per day (20,075 – 23,725 gallons per year). With a little effort, that number can drop down to 40 – 50 gallons per person per day. The most wasteful I’ve seen is somewhere in the 180 gallons per person per day range; anything above that is usually a sign of a bad water meter or a leak that no one caught.
    Breaking down the 660,000 gallons per person per year comes out to about 1,808 gallons a day!

    The calculator seems very fishy to me – what does my annual salary have anything to do with the amount of water I consume?

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Its ALL water use – the water needed for your diet, where you live, etc etc. Not just what you bath in and drink. The average person uses 100 gallons just in their house, per day.

  4. Thank you for the links. I have to say that I found the questions in the detailed water test unsettling. Just by reading the questions I realized how much water must an average american waste. What started these bad habits? And can they ever be broken if the water continues to be so cheap here?

  5. I scored just over 1100 for the year. Being an environmentally conscious, raw food vegan, I have a very low impact on the environment – which helps me sleep better at night.

    Unfortunately, the website makes assumptions that I’m buying all my fruits and veggies, which assumes that the water used to grow my food has been treated and applied by humans. This is not the case, as I grow most of the food I eat and rely on the rain and collected water, so I’m not really using water that’s coming from a tap in this case. With that in mind, my water footprint would actually be much lower than calculated.

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