Target Starts The Greenwashing In Its Advertisments.


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Flipping through Sunday’s newspaper, I came across the circular for Target and was looking through it when I came to this page:


As much as I hate chain stores, sometimes you have to shop at them to get some household supplies that local stores don’t have. And I do prefer Target over Wal-Mart by, oh, 101% so that is where we go when we need something. But coming across this ad made me wish I had another option when I need things that I seem to be only able to get at Target. Greenwashing products and services is becoming so popular that it is going to damage the environmental movement in that people will think they are doing the “right thing” just by buying a t-shirt like the one above.

One can only hope the people at Target learn to go “green” for real instead of pawning off non-organic, non-fair trade shirts that are probably made in China as “green”.

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  1. Hmmmm. I have been seeing these horrible scenes in some major stores. I noticed them @ Macey’s when I went to buy a tie for a meeting. Like “Live Green” “I love Trees”, seriously… I went to wall mart for beer and the cashier was wearing a button that said “I’m Green” and another that said “recycle” which was once again probably made by some 11 year old Chinese girl with no shoes.

    I would understand if they were organic cotton and really did something like “help the environment” and were at least a sustainable product. Or if the cashier actually “believed”, but I am afraid that corporate America is spiraling the sheep into a misleading whirlwind of uncertainty.

    Printing messages like these on sweat shop T’s made from pesticide infested material is just plain wrong.

    I fully agree with you and appreciate you post!

    Go Green Patch!


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