Teachers, recycle your lesson plans!


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My wife being a teacher, I figured I should give this little tidbit a post of its own. There are many days when my teacher wife has to come home from work and then spend the rest of the day and night coming up with something to do the next day or next week. Add that to the paperwork she does on recordkeeping and art projects, and she is a very busy “off-duty” teacher. So when I found this article, I immediately emailed it to her. It sounds like a good idea to me! I know that most of the time, when I leave work, I LEAVE work…no more for the day. But teachers (along with some other professions) usually have to take some work home to prepare for the next day. From the article:

“Teachers are selling their original lectures, course outlines and study guides to other teachers through a new Web site launched by New York entrepreneur Paul Edelman.

The site, Teachers Pay Teachers , aims to be an eBay for educators. For a $29.95 yearly fee, sellers can post their work and set their prices. Buyers rate the products.”

So if you are a teacher, or you know someone who is, be sure to bookmark Teachers Pay Teachers or email them the link, I am sure they will appreciate it!

Source:The Sun News | 07/02/2006 | Web site lets teachers recycle lesson plans

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  1. Anonymous – no one is being selfish, and no one said you had to use the site. Its just another site to help teachers, whether its by enabling them to make a little extra cash for the work they do, or freeing up some of their time by allowing them to buy a lesson plan. I dont work for them or anything, and I am not making any money off of them.

    I am sure some teachers would find the site helpful!

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