Tell Congress To Vote Yes For President Obama’s Clean Energy Budget.

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Congress is considering a budget resolution based on President Obama’s proposed federal budget. Tell your senators and representative to vote YES on a budget resolution that provides the resources necessary to cap global warming pollution and invest in clean energy solutions and other environmental priorities. Here is the letter you can sign over at the NRDC site:

I urge you to pass a budget resolution that reflects the priorities outlined in President Obama’s budget proposal and provides the resources necessary to implement the president’s call to cap global warming pollution, invest in clean energy solutions and reinvest in our environment.

It is particularly important for Congress to pass a budget resolution that reflects the president’s commitment to solving global warming. At a time when we’re facing the greatest economic challenges since the Great Depression, capping global warming pollution would generate funds that could be invested in clean energy technology to spur job growth, improve our national security and protect our planet.

Also critical are the budget’s proposed funding increases across a broad spectrum of important environmental priorities, including clean, renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation, water infrastructure, cleaning up hazardous waste, preserving public lands and protecting wildlife.

President Obama’s proposed budget demonstrates a firm commitment to investing in a clean energy future and a healthier environment. Once again, I urge you to follow the president’s lead and vote Yes on a budget resolution that fulfills this vision.

Click here to go sign the letter to Congress.

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  1. Eveyone in the world knows in the future all of our renewable energy will come from hydro-electric power generated from the oceans waves.

    Don’t it make you mad to know the waves are scheduled to stop next week. It makes me mad to know that there are no people writing about this, “The solution to the worlds energy crisis”.

    I believe if you want to know the answer to these important questions you should ask a few billion people, surely we already have the answers.

    Thanks for asking 20 years ago!

    Good Luck!

    Please do us all a favor and pass this info to someone who cares.

    Cuidate, Chao

    Kevin Lee

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