Tell the USDA to Keep Agent Orange Corn Off Your Plate

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The first generation of biotech crops has failed. And failed badly. Now the biotech industry is stepping up the chemical arms race in an effort to make up for the failure of Monsanto’s Roundup. Excessive use of Roundup by GMO farmers has led million of acres of U.S. farmland filled with Roundup resistant superweeds.

To combat this, Dow Chemical is petitioning the USDA to approve a new GMO Agent Orange corn to tolerate 2,4-D, a main chemical component of the Vietnam era defoliant linked to birth defects, cancer, and hormone disruption. On top of these horrific health problems, 2,4-D is widely known among farmers to be difficult to control during application, leading to drift onto neighboring farms, causing major crop damage and contaminating waterways.

Dozens of scientific studies have found that exposure to 2,4-D is linked to major health problems such as cancer, lowered sperm counts, liver disease, Parkinson’s disease and disruption of hormonal, reproductive and neurological systems.

Already thousands of farmers and environmentalists are raising concern over the potential harm Dow Chemical’s 2,4-D corn will cause to human health, the environment and the livelihoods of family farmers. Already, the chemical herbicide 2,4-D has been called one of “the most dangerous chemicals out there

But we need your help to stop it. Please click on the link below to join us in telling the USDA to keep Agent Orange corn off our plates!

Tell the USDA to Dump Dow’s Dangerous Agent Orange Corn

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