Texas Family Wins $3 Million Verdict in Fracking Case

And yet, the denials over the dangers of fracking continue to pour in from those set to make the most off the “technology” – oil companies and their investors.

Before you read any further, I would suggest you read my post What is Fracking? for information about it, in case you don’t know yet. The rest of this piece will make more sense then.

Earlier this week, a Texas judge upheld a previous $3 million verdict against Aruba Petroleum by a family that claimed that fracking activities near their 40 acre ranch was making them all sick. The case started three years ago when the Parrs filed suit against several oil companies in east Texas, several of which were settled out of court. Aruba decided to fight them in court and they lost, with a jury determining their fate.

Obviously, environmentalists and anti-fracking activists are thrilled, and I for one hope this is only the beginning of these kind of lawsuits. Fracking is destroying our aquifers and drinking water, and if it continues eventually everyone in the country will be drinking flammable water and dying of weird diseases. You may not care now when you read about fracking in Texas or Pennsylvania, but you will once the oil companies find shale under your property.

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Even Fracking “Pro” Admits Family Was Hurt

T. Boone Pickens, once heralded by the environmental movement because of his interest in wind farms, is in on the fracking game. On the July 8th edition of CBS This Morning, Pickens declared fracking to be completely safe, stating “I absolutely stand by it, of course, I do. I mean, go back and look, there must have been over a million wells fracked. There’s not anybody standing out there saying, you know, picketing Boone Pickens he fracked 2,000 wells and he ruined this and hurt somebody. No –” He was then quickly caught off guard by panel member Gayle King, who asked him about this story in Texas.

“But you have the story, Boone, just in Texas last month, in April a couple awarded $3 million by a Dallas jury because they said that — because of the fracking spills and emissions from the fracking had contaminated their ranch,” said King. “They argued that pollution made them sick, as well as their pets and livestock. The cows born dwarfed. And they were awarded $3 million, so somebody thinks fracking is a problem.”

To which Pickens replied “There’s no question, somebody was damaged. So you’ve already right quick, you’ve proven me wrong on what I’ve said.”

But I thought you said it wasn’t damaging, T. Boone!


Once in a while the media manages to do its job and ask tough questions, to which most deniers don’t have legitimate answers. Why? Because there aren’t any.

Aruba Petroleum fracks the Barnett Shale formation in Texas, and I have hopes that others who live in the area will start filing suit against them as well.

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  1. Nothing to lose except a small claims court fee to file a case on your own if you don’t want to go the big litagion route…of course you can only win up to about $10,000 per case…but there are so many people injured in so many different ways…you could file as many times as you can afford the filing fee….if we all keep this up, the drillers can be nickel and dimed to death. Our claims are valid…get your 911 calls on CD to hand to the judge. Get your DEP Open Records Complaints on paper to hand to the judge…its easy to get your evidence…get your testamony and your neighbors testamony on an audio or video and email that to the judges secretary…this is doable ya’ll.


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