The Consciousness of Human Waste

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Article by Luis Rosario

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then we have a lot of work to do if we want to enter the pearly gates. From carbon emissions to plastic containers washing up on our beach shores, our waste production keeps on going up as our global population increases. It’s pretty obvious what needs to be done, yet the critical question is why is it taking so long? We are all in this together whether we want to realize it or not, this issue derives from a source that has been rarely touched upon. Like all human actions, they all originate at the source of consciousness and awareness, and it is here where the real problem lies.

Our current state of wastefulness is a direct reflection of how far we need to go with our overall collective consciousness. Don’t get me wrong, the human race has attained extraordinary feats building structures, paving roads, and developing technology. Yet within all of these accomplishments we have yet to successfully solve one of the greatest challenges ever yet: the problem of waste. As a college student I worked several jobs that provided me a decent income and invaluable experience. One of the many jobs that I had during this time was that of a groundskeeper for a local apartment complex, and needless to say my tenure there was short lived due to an unhygienic work environment. I was told that my job would be simple, to go around the property grounds and pick up any little trash that I may see. Yet they forgot to tell me about “Pile Up Monday,” which is when trash would pile up from the weekend. It was my responsibility to literally climb through the pile of filth and toss each trash bag one by one into the trash compactor. It was amazing to see first hand the amount of garbage that was produced in such a short amount of time.

This experience made me realize that a lot of people suffer from what I like to call optional ignorance. This is when a person chooses to ignore a problem thinking that it will go away, similar to sweeping dust under a rug and thinking that the room is clean. The problem with this is that if you continue to sweep more and more dust under the rug eventually it will begin to bulge to a point where it will burst out into the open.

I recently went into a local food store to purchase a small item, small enough that I could comfortably carry it with one hand. I approach the cashier with the item in hand she scanned it and automatically proceeded to place the small item into a plastic bag when there was absolutely no need for it. I went ahead and told her that the bag wasn’t necessary; she gave me a look as if I had said an inappropriate comment, and granted my request. This was a prime example of the level of consciousness that the average person has towards waste. There needs to be a sense of understanding and awareness that everything that we throw away will eventually end up some where.

I believe that educating people on conserving energy, waste reduction, and supporting environmental organizations are great ways that provide insight on solutions to the current situation at hand. However in order to really get to the fundamental issue, we need to address the subject on personal level. Human consciousness is a necessary attribute needed in order address our environmental issues. The example provided earlier on my experience with the cashier sheds light on how narrow in focus we are in regards to the cause and effect of our actions. This issue needs to be approached not only through awareness of solutions but also through awareness of ourselves. It’s a universal principle that applies to all areas of our lives, that what we put out into the world comes back to us and in this case it’s absolutely no exception. Our level of consciousness should be a universal kind that encompasses all of our actions. This is the true source of our current environmental problems.

Luis Rosario is the Director of Communications / Event Relations for Personal Development Community that focuses on prosperity & abundance, Lifestyle design, quality of life, and motivation. With an educational background in Sociology and Inter-cultural Communications, his mission is to change the world for the better one event at a time! Images from BigStockPhoto.

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