The First Ecotainer Coffee Cup In The Wild.

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We took my mother-in-law to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market this weekend and what did I see? The Ecotainer, a new disposable coffee cup that uses corn for a liner rather than petroleum products, making the entire thing biodegradable..take a look:


I gotta say that it feels no different than a regular “throw away” disposable coffee cup from any other retailer. The coffee tastes the same, the coffee stays hot and you can just toss it in the compost pile out back when you are done with it. The lid is still made of plastic that can be recycled, but hopefully they will fix that soon. Groundworks Coffee was selling organic coffee in the cups, so I got a cup to take a picture of it and taste the coffee. Yum…Groundworks..

Anyway, pretty cool. Hopefully all the big chains will start using these cups as there always seems to be an abundance of them in the trash around here.

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