The Good Human Hangs A Left, Please Join Me


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I am going to be brutally honest here; I think it’s probably too late to stop cataclysmic climate change. I’m not a scientist nor do I play one on television, but I do believe we have managed to cook our own goose… for good.

Google “too late climate change” and you’ll see I am not alone in this thought. Because of how we have set up society – completely and utterly based on mass consumption, disposable goods, and the corporate never-ending chase of higher profits, I just don’t see how we would be able (or willing, if I am being honest) to stop using all fossil fuels and really do the work necessary to change the projection of our future. I don’t buy that it’s possible, no matter how many lightbulbs we change or electric cars we drive.

But that’s not to say we still shouldn’t do the right thing, though.

turning point sign

I do think we should work to clean up our own lives, if only to put off the inevitable and secure a few more years of clean(ish) water and healthy foods. All of us should be aware of our own carbon footprint and how our actions do affect every other human on Earth, including those already suffering from human-induced climate change.

With that in mind, I just wanted to be upfront with all of you readers, including those who have been with me since the start in 2006 and those of you who may have just signed up looking for tips on greening your bathroom or whatever. I don’t want to write about that stuff anymore for two reasons:

  1. When I started this blog, there weren’t that many people talking about “going green,” at least not on personal blogs. Now it seems everyone has an environmental blog and they all write about “saving money while going green” over and over again. Been there, done that, there is nothing new to learn nor teach. Let’s be honest. We all know that mercury is bad, GMOs are bad, and we should fly less. It is almost like continually talking about how cigarettes are bad for you. We all know it; at this point it’s just a personal choice to be stupid or not.
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  1. David, I will definitely follow you as you change direction. I too believe it is too late to save the future, the road we are traveling has been well ingrained and not much is changing on a large enough scale to fix things. I keep on doing what I am doing hoping to leave something behind and to teach my grandchildren the things I believe they will need to know to contend with the challenges they will have to face. I look forward to what you have to say in future posts.

  2. All humans on this planet have a “responsibility” to be good stewards of it. Where are we going to go if we blow it? Small things you can do but if we all did small things, its a big thing. And the other thing is to hold responsible the public (cough) servants in political positions that are “bought” by the corporations. Drilling, blowing up mountain tops, fracking, geoEngineering, pipelines is NOT the road to life for anyone. These guys can easily pay for a shuttle to the space station once this is uninhabitable, not all of us can do that. Chew on that.

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