The Good Human Launches Anew, Good Things To Follow.

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For those of you coming here for the first time, welcome! For those of you getting this post in your email or RSS news reader, you don’t know what you are missing! The Good Human has launched on it’s own domain,, and eventually the blogspot version will be history. So if you do link here, please be sure the link is pointed to The feeds and emails have been redirected so you should not have to do anything on that side.

If any of you really enjoy the site and have your own site, I would appreciate a mention that we have moved and/or a link to the new address.

Be sure to stay tuned and thanks for your patience; I know posting has been slow to update but that is because when I did have time to work on the site I was working on the new version code!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Site looks great, Dave! I love the new look. Much cleaner. I’ve updated the link in my blogroll. One little bug: the quote by Charles Haas at the top seems to overrun so you can’t read his last name. Good work tho.

  2. Thanks Leo! Appreciate the comment. I will check into the quote on the header, it is supposed to be fluid and move with window size, maybe it isnt? Thanks again!

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