The Good Human Turns 7; Let’s Give Away A Water Bottle


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This giveaway has ended.

Today marks 7 years since I started publishing The Good Human; it’s amazing how time flies. After nearly 2,500 posts, 5 million visitors, and more web hosting and database issues than I care to remember, I still wouldn’t change a thing.

So far it’s been a fun ride and I hope to continue doing it into the foreseeable future, moving away from the same old “green tips” (that get repeated day in and day out on the internet) and into more concrete changes we can all make in our lives. (Hence, the Buy Once series.) But for now, I want to celebrate 7 years of our little community being together by offering one lucky reader a new reusable water bottle.

This particular bottle is from Pura, which some of you may remember I gave away a few of back in February. It’s green (in color), made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, and is 100 percent BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and PVC-free. Pretty good stuff.

So how can you enter to win? It’s simple.

Here are the official rules:

  • The giveaway starts now and will be open until Tuesday May 21 2013 at 7am EST (my birthday!). No entries will be accepted after that.
  • Leave a comment on this post as to what you would like to see on The Good Human in the future.
  • Emailed entries will not be counted — entry by comment on this post only.
  • Only one entry per person. Period. Please don’t try to use different email addresses, etc.
  • Entries must be from US residents.
  • One winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received and notified via email after the giveaway ends.

See, told you it was simple. Thanks to everyone who reads/subscribes to/visits the site and has helped keep it going for the past 7 years. I truly am humbled by -and appreciative of – all of you. Thank you.

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  1. Hello, first of all I love the bottle as I’m thinking of it for my 7 year old while he plays baseball. It would be great for him on the field knowing that it is free of all the junk!
    I would enjoy becoming educated on safer things for the kids during all their outdoor activities. Sunscreens, bug repellents even a lip balm. Tis’ the season for outdoor fun!
    Thank you

  2. I’d like to hear more about using reusable materials. And I don’t mean materials that’s been sent off to a factory. What about keeping things that can be used for different purposes? Example: Slicing a hole on the top of a jar for a piggy bank. Purses made out of juice pouches. Etc.

    Thank you!

  3. I’m rather new to The Goid Human, so I don’t know a lot if what’s been covered. I’d love to see new Eco products and where to buy. As well as tips to live a greener life. Also I like to learn about the “bad” companies

  4. I like the posts you have previously done in years back about projects that you have personally made, like the solar thermal heater made out of soda cans, etc. I look forward to you blog every week and look forward to more posts!

  5. I’ve been reading for many years – thanks for all of the great information along the way! I’d live to see a regular reader mailbag or some type of reader q&a.

  6. Thank you for all that you do! I really enjoy your posts and I have learned so much over the years I have been following this site. Thank you for the giveaway! I hope you have a great birthday! 😀

  7. I love The Good Human. How about more Human Interest Stories (Good People Doing Good Things)? Thanks for the chance to win a cool Pura waterbottle. They are so pretty.

  8. My son turns 1 next month. Everything I do is for him and his future.I am raising him vegan (so it would be cool to see some articles related to consumer dietary choices), and I will involve him in what I do and why (eg: I cloth diaper), so kid friendly ideas would be cool, too. Thanks!

  9. These bottles are amazing! My one year old loves his, and I love the fact that they are safe and free from plastic 🙂

  10. I’d like to see more stories about how we can hold companies accountable through regulation for business practices that are good for people and good for the environment.

  11. I just found your website through I am anxious to read more but figured that I would stop and add a comment for the Pura drawing.

    I am fascinated with the PV and wind energy industries. Going off the grid would be a dream and long term goal.

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