The Motivation Manifesto – Declarations You Can Make To Master Your Own Destiny


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In his inspirational book, The Motivation Manifesto, Brendon Burchard lists 9 declarations that we need to make to ensure that we reach the ultimate human goal, a life of freedom. We all have within us this same need, as quoted by Mahatma Gandhi:

“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.”

We want to live fully, being who we are, independent, happy and unbound by social constraints, and Burchard takes us step by step through the process we can follow to achieve just that.

You can download the book here.

Reading this book made me feel fired up and ready to start living my life fully and consciously. I highly recommend it and wanted to write a review so that I could share my enthusiasm with you all.

Declaration 1 – We Shall Meet Life With Full Presence And Power

This first declaration is to remind us to live fully in the present moment. To put down the smart phone, switch off the tablet, even turn down the radio blasting in your car as you speed along. Many people have written about ‘the power of now’ and the first declaration is a reminder of this. We need to wake up and be present, giving ourselves time to enjoy our children for the brief moment that they are young, to smell the blossoms before spring has flown, to actually connect with our partners and much more. You cannot truly be happy with a life half lived, where you are constantly looking back at yesterday, or fearing tomorrow. The magic is in the moment – right now.

Declaration 2 – We Shall Reclaim Our Agenda

The second declaration requires some boundary setting. Once you have decided on your true life goals and desires they must become a part of your agenda. Each and every day should be geared towards the end game, taking small steps and aiming in the direction of your dreams at all times. But it does not stop there! Setting your agenda is only half of the deal. You are also required to fiercely protect your precious time against ‘false emergencies’ and people who constantly steal your precious hours. Learn to say NO and take charge of your agenda.

“No one around us can tear us from progressing toward our dreams.
Believing otherwise is accepting the role of victim in life.
Our day is ultimately our choice.” – Brendon Burchard

Declaration 3 – We Shall Defeat Our Demons

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