The New Face of Green Living


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Open any magazine or newspaper and you’ll find a variety of articles regarding green living. Although we’ve always been able to lead this sustainable way of life, the recent attention toward going green has many families rethinking their existence. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, families are beginning to take more responsibility over their lifestyles, making a conscious effort to pre-cycle, recycle and ultimately lower carbon emissions. You don’t need a psychology degree to see that even a few small changes can make a difference, which is why so many individuals are eager to share their stories. They hope to inspire others to make the same changes and create a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle that will benefit the planet.

While the human race is making great strides, there’s one concern that experts have: Do we as humans recognize that living sustainably is more than just a lifestyle; it’s what we need to do to be humane? Many people consider being green as the trendy way to live, fitting in with today’s changing standards. Not only are individuals happy to reveal how they’re going green, but businesses also use this image to build up clientele and stand ahead of the competition. Although making eco-friendly changes is vital, it’s more important to know why we need to make them. The more we enjoy this sustainable lifestyle, the more we’ll be willing to stick to it.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Sustainability is a product of both the environment and the human race. For example, the wetlands and forests are sustainable biological systems. The long-term maintenance of our well-being is sustainability to humans. This means that in order to achieve sustainability, the planet and humanity need to have a mutually rewarding relationship. After all, we cannot survive without the Earth and the Earth will not survive without living things.

The history of the world is based on sustainability, as those who were successful lived on, while the rest declined. Furthermore, sustainability is not static, as our landscape is always evolving. Things that affect the planet’s sustainability include its inhabitants, as well as their occupations, lifestyles and behaviors. With these factors in mind, one can see just how pertinent the way we live is to the total welfare of our planet and humanity.

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  1. Thanks for the refreshing perspective. Many green living advocates are supportive of the ‘trendy’ aspect, thinking it will gain more supporters in the short term. Obviously, this perspective can’t last in the long run, and our souls will have to grow along with our desire to adapt to changing trends. This seems to be a much more daunting challenge: we basically need to upturn centuries of cultural + economic belief that claims humankind is above, beyond, and completely separate from Nature. The very foundation of our entire economic system is flawed, and does not take into consideration that true wealth is created by living humans and living ecosystems. Misconceived belief and trust in our economic system is constantly perpetuated.

    I suppose it is up to people like us to try and change the conversation. Speak out not only about green living, but the more holistic perspective of sustainability. This conversation holds greater complexity, but we can’t fear complexity any longer. There isn’t time – we have to face reality.

  2. Yeah, these suggestions will help to make our planet green as well as in reducing global warming if follow them accurately. Thanks for sharing this information with us. Keep continue to post this type of informative stuff.

  3. Thank for the tip to green living the energy can be use the renewable and clean energy like solar energy and wind energy will help in reduce the usage of fossil fuel and directly reduce the releases of harmful gases

  4. I have spent the last few months working on a blog page about just this: simple ways to live more sustainably. It’s amazing how most of the ideas seem very obvious and rudimentary, yet they are still not widely used. Environmental consciousness is what we need, and education through simple messages like this one are the way that it is going to happen. We have the capacity to change, we each just need to take the lead and do our own little part.

  5. I appreciate that you have raised this crucial question : Is living sustainably more than just a lifestyle ?
    The only way how to avoid this shallow, shortsighted perspective is to educate ourselves. It is very important to be aware of the bond between us and our planet. Acting responsibly is our duty, doing so just for the sake of blending in to a certain community will not help solving the long term problem.
    Sharing information and awareness through the internet, blogs and other medias is very useful and might help us to change the way we think. Thanks for this great post.

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