The Reason More People Are Not Buying Hybrids Is…

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It’s because people think they run on electricity only and you will run out of power somewhere on the highway and not be able to get home. Trust me on this, I have heard it from several different places. I am not sure where the information is coming from, but it seems that people think you can run it on gas OR electric, and if you choose electric that you will run out of juice.

It’s not true everyone! The car runs on either/or/both…you don’t do anything other than drive the car like a regular car that you have driven for years. You still put gasoline in it, you do not have to plug it in at night and you will not run out of electricity in the middle of the country somewhere. Gas, maybe…but that could happen in your “regular” car as well.

So please, spread the word…a hybrid car, whether from Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Saturn, Ford or whomever…you do not have to plug it in. Period. You would not even find a place to put a plug. What you will find is a gas tank just like on every other car. So buy one if you want to save money, save gas or just make a statement…whatever the reason, don’t not buy it because you are afraid you will run out of electricity, cause you won’t!

And if Toyota is reading this, or any other manufacturer for that matter, would it hurt you to mention it in your advertisements? Not everyone is savvy to this “hybrid” thing and one simple sentence could result in more sales and less confusion. Thanks!

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  1. Haha, I didn’t even realize that was happening, and I used to sell Prius’s (Pri-i?)

    That’s hilarious. That is the reason they’re called “hybrid” and not electric, after all.

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