The Village Of Blume: An Eco-Sustainable Community.


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OK, I may just have to move here. Granted, at this point it’s still just a plan and some open space, but later this year the Village of Blume Eco-Village is supposed to “come online” as a fully sustainable place to live that looks pretty cool. Just 30 minutes away from downtown Charlotte, NC on 360 acres of land, the Village of Blume is set to become a model for sustainable living for the entire region. For residents in Harrisburg, North Carolina, where the community will be located, the village will provide:

  • Direct Access to locally grown, organic food
  • Neighborhood shopping and services in walking distance
  • Range of housing types- young family to active adults “aging in place”
  • Front porches, sidewalks and amenities focused on increasing sense of community
  • Miles of trails for walking and biking
  • Solar energy to offset energy use and reduce environmental impact
  • Water Conservation and harvesting to reduce water bills and water consumption
  • Guaranteed energy bills through Environments for Living certification program
  • Access to community greenway
  • Healthy homes- certified indoor environmental quality
  • Farmer’s market for residents AND the community
  • Community farm is a functional, aesthetic and educational amenity
  • More than 158 acres of permanently conserved open space, the equivalent of more than 1/4 acre (.28) of additional, maintained open space per family

Houses will be priced from the low $200’s to over $400,000, there will be a 25 acre farm for growing food for the residents, no big-box stores will be allowed in the neighborhood shopping area, and there will be 2 solar farms on the property to help power everything using the power of the sun. From reading through their materials, it looks like these guys really are trying to build a very cool place that is inviting to both hardcore sustainability folks and those looking for a sense of community above all else.

Seriously…where do I sign up? I hope that over time that people request more communities are built with standards like this rather than just tract homes thrown together wherever developers can find cheap land. “House farms”, as I call them, don’t offer any of the things that villages like this one could!

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  1. I hope everyone realizes this property is almost 50% in the flood plain. There are plenty of shopping opportunities within 2-3 miles of the property. There are already neighboring properties having flooding problems due to the overdevelopment in this area. We already have overcrowded schools and roadways. The current zoning is for 1 house per acre. Developer is pushing for 4-5. Organic farm and solar power? Doubtful!!!!

  2. More than 158 acres of permanently conserved open space, the equivalent of more than 1/4 acre (.28) of additional, maintained open space per family

    I copied the above statement from the Blume website. As for the flooding claim, that information came directly from a long time resident in The Oaks Estates which is right across Rocky River Road from Blume. Hope this helps.

    1. That’s open space in addition to house lots. Not 4-5 houses on each acre and no open space.

      I would really like to see concrete backup of your complaints against this development, so I can ask them. Gossip from a neighbor isn’t enough for me to do so.

  3. When did stating facts become complaints??? I have done my research david and you obviously will not believe it to be concrete. I suggest you do your own research. Sure wouldn’t want you to listen to gossip!!!! That open space is flood plain. Cannot be built on. so that leaves roughly 150 acres with 4 houses per acre. So about 600 houses all crammed.

    1. Again, would love to learn more about your research and backup info to support your claims, so I can ask them about it with more info than “a neighbor said so”. Thanks.

  4. Harrisburg Planning and Zoning people can give you the same information on the Blume project that they have given to others in the community. So can the Town Council. Check them out!!!! I believe they are “official” and not just “gossip mongers”.

  5. I’m not bringing it anywhere – I live in Colorado and I am not a developer. I am hopeful that if people have a real issue with this development, that they bring it to the attention of everyone involved. This website has nothing to do with the project.

  6. David
    It is not gossip that every time we get a hard rain Blackjack CT and Scarlet Oak CT in Oak Estates (right across the street from this proposed development)
    Floods. In the past five years I have been asked tree times to leave my house by the fire department. Although my house is not in danger of water damage my neighbors have not been so fortunate.
    Now I can’t say that all the land development in this area the reason for the lake in front of my house when we get a hard rain, but I suspect it doesn’t help. The land in question is already zoned for one house per acre.
    With the new schools and the new subdivisions already in this area the traffic is terrible.
    I am not against progress but I do not live in the city for a reason and if convenance is what you are after it sounds like the city living is what you are after. Don’t bring it to the country.

  7. Hello Don, I live less than 2 miles from you. Glad to see your post. Will you be joining other concerned neighbors on July 12th at the monthly TC meeting? The Blume Text Amendment Proposal is supposed to be voted on by Council. I hope you have read this proposal. Hope to see you there!!! Thanks.

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