The World’s Biggest Polluters


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Think you know who the world’s biggest polluters are?

Carbon emissions around the world continue to climb and were up another 3 percent as of last year. According to new international calculations on global emissions published recently in the journal Nature Climate Change, over 38 billion tons of carbon dioxide were pumped into our atmosphere – about a billion more than the prior year. More than 2.4 million pounds of CO2 is released into the air each second worldwide.

China showed the biggest increase in emissions and continued to reign as the world’s largest polluter, with emissions up 10 percent to 10 billion tons.

Due to the ever-increasing amount of CO2 emissions, scientists are no longer hopeful that we can limit future global temperature increases to just the few degrees agreed upon as a goal by 200 nations a couple of years back. This could spell disaster for not only our climate but for life here on earth. The only way to stop drastically rising temperatures?

“Throw everything we have at the problem,” says Glen Peters at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research.

worlds biggest polluters

So which countries are the world’s biggest polluters? Let’s take a look at some of the list calculated by the Global Carbon Project for 2011:

1. China – 10 billion tons

2. United States – 5.9 billion tons

3. India – 2.5 billion tons

4. Russia – 1.8 billion tons

5. Japan – 1.3 billion tons

6. Germany – 0.8 billion tons

7. Iran – 0.7 billion tons

8. South Korea – 0.6 billion tons

9. Canada – 0.6 billion tons

10. South Africa – 0.6 billion tons

Their figures show that worldwide carbon dioxide levels are 54 percent higher than they were in 1990. We’re headed in the wrong direction. It is imperative that we force our elected leaders to do something substantial about climate change and global warming. Any other concerns you may have in life will be irrelevant if there is no planet to live on. Act now. Contact your elected officials, join an environmental group, reduce your personal emissions.

If it is not too late already it will be soon enough. The time is now.

[via Deseret News]

Live and dead tree image from BigStock

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  1. I’m really shocked by the differences between Canada and the United States, is that because of the population differences do you think or are Canadians taking things more seriously than their counterparts?

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