Think We Aren’t Coming Up On Peak Oil? Then Why Is Shell Going Nuclear To Dig Up Oil?


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If we have plenty of oil left (which we do, according to the oil “experts”), then A. why are we digging in the tar sands to extract such difficult to reach oil and B. why is Shell considering using nuclear power to do so? From The Independent:

Shell is considering using nuclear power to operate its controversial tar sands programme in Canada. Tar sands extraction – mining oil from a mixture of sand or clay, water and very heavy crude oil – uses a huge amount of energy and water. Environmentalists say it results in more than three times as many emissions of carbon dioxide compared to conventional oil production.

One has to wonder just how bad it really is that we have to dig in this stuff to extract oil. And then one has to wonder just how bad it is going to get if we start using nuclear power to do so.


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