Three homes where green living flourishes


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This is a great article about people that are taking the necessary steps to green their homes and their lifestyles. Be sure to read the whole article, its really informative!

“Even though we’ve all heard buzz about energy conservation, it may be the stylish new brand of conscientious consumer who’s really starting to inch our environmental needle forward. This savvy group is adding some glam to the local green picture, a welcome reprieve from the drab look of early conservationist decor. These homeowners are dedicated to Earth-friendly practices without sacrificing style in the process.”

Check out the rest of the article at the Rhode Island news

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  1. Yea, its kind of a shame that being green is still stereotypical of being a hippy living in a tent. I am seeing some modern updating to this idea, and more and more people are catching on.

    Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi David,

    It’s an encouraging article. A lot of my friends like the idea of being greener but have the old stereotype stuck in their heads and think being good means not looking contemporary.

    Pioneers like these show it can be done.

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