Three Rare Celestial Events Are Happening Tomorrow – Find Out All You Need To Know Here


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“Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, in nature is as powerful and spectacular as the totality of a solar eclipse. Sadly, they only happen every 360 years on average for any given location, which means that a very low percentage of the population has ever seen one.” Astronomer Bob Bermansolar-eclipse

How To View The Solar Eclipse

The total eclipse will not be visible from in the United States. It will be seen in parts of Northern Europe. A partial solar eclipse will be seen across all of Europe, northern Africa and some parts of northern Asia. We can all watch the eclipse live from 4:30 a.m. EDT on the following link,

If you are lucky enough to be in the right spot on the planet, please be cautious when viewing the eclipse. Even though the majority of the Sun’s light will be obscured by the Moon, it is highly inadvisable to look directly at the Solar Eclipse. The eye’s retina has no pain receptor, so you would not be aware that they were being burned, which could cause permanent damage to your sight. It is safe to watch indirectly, through a pinhole camera. The video below gives simple instructions on how to make one at home.

Energetic Impact

Studies have attempted to find a connection between behaviours seen on Earth and the vibrational impact of the moon and other celestial events, but none has been fully established.

Epilepsy was the focus of a 2004 study, published in the journal of Epilepsy and Behaviour, when it was hypothesised that seizures were more prevalent during a new moon. No link could be proven. This was also the case with a 2005 study which observed whether there was an increase in patients checking into the psychiatric emergency department on evenings where there was a full moon, compared to other nights.

Many people do claim to feel a shift in energy during these celestial phenomena. These occurrences have been marked by rituals and ceremonies for centuries by many cultures. Whether or not the planets really are having an impact on us, it is hard to say. But we do know that the Earth’s electromagnetic field can be affected by collective human emotion – such as we saw with 9/11. So even if there is a kind of placebo effect, where people are vibrating on a higher level because they perceive it to be an auspicious time, tomorrow should be a powerful day.

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  1. wow and more to come. Hang on to your seatbelts (for a while). I welcome change. We need it, it may be challenging what’s coming ahead in the years to come but if this is what it takes for humanity to wake up, bring it on! Let’s get this show on the road.

  2. I send LOVE TO ALL HUMANITY on every corner of this globe – Everyone….and may we unite now more than ever, heart to heart and in every square inch of this planet/Mother Earth who needs us to unite with her too now more than ever. ONE, One source, very diverse all love and wisdom, no words can describe the magnificence of the source of creation but here we are now going through what seems like the darkest time of ever, its insane but you know what they say? it’s always darkest before the dawn.

    All together brothers and sister, hand in hand, we go through this full force shift together, awakened or not, now we will experience what those that came before us experienced. There is much assistance for all of us from unseen realms. Let’s be there for one another, in unity is our strength, it always was we just didn’t really get it until now.

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