To See Change in the World, Act. Nothing Will Change On Its Own.

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There are plenty of brands out there making quality products paying fair wages.

Big changes come from small places, and good thing – it’s not going to come from the top. It’s going to come from the end user. That’s you and me. Companies will change tactics and behaviors if confronted with customers not too keen on continuing to support them if they don’t.

Nothing will change on its own.

You want change? Make it happen.

Don’t wait for Walmart, the government, or Al Gore to save the world. Force change. Act. Get involved. It’s up to you.

Action Changes Things Acronym image from BigStock.

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  1. While I can’t afford to buy my entire wardrobe from organic made in USA sources I do what I believe is the next best I can do, I buy from the local thrift stores. Yrs, some of my clothes may very well have been made in a sweat shop, but I refuse to give my money to these big corporations that have no conscience.

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