Today Is The Last Day To Spend A Buck For Charity.

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If you put it off or forgot, today is your last day to kick-in a buck for charity! Please donate just a single dollar to our charity drive 🙂

Hundreds of you have responded (many with more than a dollar) as environmental websites team up to make the world a better place. Together, we’re supporting some great charities. And you get to help choose the two from this list which will receive 100% of the collected donations:

Please take a moment to look these organizations over. Pick your favorite, then go to our Buck for Charity Page and vote with your dollar (It’s only 4 quarters! 10 dimes!). You can also donate directly through PayPal to this address:

Remember: The winning charities will receive 100% of the donated funds. We’re not holding anything back. Together, we can work for the good — a buck at a time. Thank you for your support.

Participating websites: The Good Human, Twilight Earth, Lighter Footstep, Green Upgrader, Grass Stain Guru, My Green Side, The Smart Mama, A Little Greener Every Day, Fake Plastic Fish, Allie’s Answers, and Natural Papa.

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