Top 10 Cosmetic Toxins To Avoid.

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My wife Amy uses Alima mineral makeup, and with her last order they sent a card that outlined the top 10 cosmetic toxins to avoid and why to avoid them. I figured I would share with those of you looking for healthier and safer makeup choices!

BHA – (Butylated hydroxyanisole) Toxic to the liver, immune and nervous systems; possible carcinogen

BHT – (Butylated hydroxytoluene) Toxic to the brain, nervous, and respiratory systems; possible carcinogen and endocrine disruptor (See what I wrote before about BHT)

D & C Colorants – Toxic to nervous and reproductive systems

Eugenol – Toxic to the immune and nervous systems, endocrine disruptor

Formaldehyde – Toxic to the immune and respiratory systems; carcinogen

Nitrosamines – endocrine disruptor; possible carcinogen

P-Phenylenediamine – Toxic to the immune, respiratory, and nervous systems

Parabens – Endocrine disruptor, neurotoxic; possible carcinogen

Phthalates – Toxic to the immune, nervous, and reproductive systems

Triethanolamine – Toxic to the immune and respiratory systems; possible carcinogen

It’s amazing what they put in cosmetics that people are supposed to use on their skin!

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  1. What do you know about Arbonne Skin care products? They claim no animal by products, formulated without dyes or chemicals, no mineral oil, never tested on animals botanically based.Pure Safe and Benefical.

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