Top Ten Gas Guzzlers – The Most Polluting Cars From The Showroom Floor.


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Over at the Guardian, there is a list of the top 10 most polluting cars on the road. I don’t really know why they are saying “gas guzzling” because it seems to be more about polluting than gas consumption, but either way it’s a pretty interesting list. There are a few standard bearers on the list, but there are also a few surprises. In fact, two of the cars I have owned in the past and a souped up version of one I own now are on it. Who knew?

1. Lamborghini Murcielago
2. Cadillac SRX
3. Hummer H3
4. BMW M5
5. Audi A8
6. Vauxhall Vectra
7. Saab 9-3 Saloon
8. VW Golf 3.2 V6
9. Mazda 3
10. Mini Cooper S Convertible

Mini Cooper? Yikes! But see what I mean about gas guzzler versus polluter? They are showing that the Mini Cooper S does pollute a lot for a car it’s size, but yet the gas mileage is pretty damn good…if only every car got 32.5 MPG we would be in a lot better shape. The Lamborghini, on the other hand, gets 13.3mpg. Oh but what I wouldn’t give to drive one for a few minutes! I think they should make a bio-diesel version and sell it for $20K….what do you think?

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  1. Hold it, thats for the turbo-charged version of the car. Similar for the mini cooper its the CooperS convertible, which is the same as the 2006 model, uses a supercharged engine of an older design, and its specifically the automatic transmission model.

  2. I had the Mazda 3 at one point as well. And as for the Mini, sure it’s the “S” version, but the regular version isn’t so hot either. For a car that size, it really should get better mileage, and there have been rumors for a while that the emissions were pretty bad (again, for a car that size). Mind you, we have one so I am not that proud of this fact…

  3. Well, the engine in the 02-06 Mini, and continuing in the convertible right now was a very old design contracted from Chrysler and built in Brazil – sounds scary, I know. Its sturdy but fuel efficiency and emissions are not its strong suit. The 07 Mini Coupe, and the upcoming Clubman (extended wheel base) and the new convertible in 09 use a completely new engine which is much better on fuel and emissions – its in one of the lowest categories for the London taxes referenced in the article.

    No big deal, but its obvious that they singled out the worst possible case for a popular car to make the most sensation for their headlines – if I was going to be less than generous I’d call it greenwashing.

    info here:
    07 cooper with new engine:

    worst case 06 cooper S convet auto:

  4. Oh of course it’s obvious that they did that..I mean, there are not worse cars out there than a Mini? No one can really tell me that a Mini Cooper and a Hummer belong on the same list. That being said though, the Mini that I own (and I dont remember what year yours is) is a 2006…thus it gets a crappy rating and it does not make me happy.

    My GTI from 1992 got way better mileage than my Mini does and that was 15 years ago!

  5. I’ve got an 07 and it gets way better milage than any other car I’ve ever owned. The computer says its average is about 33.5 for my cumulative driving. We did in the high 30s on a vacation drive this sept with the car packed to the gills with 3 people. You can do better with a car aimed at efficiency – a civic or fit, or a hybrid, but not for anything with a performance orientation that is as much fun to drive.

    The mini replaces a 14 year old acura integra which weighed about the same as the mini, had a nominally larger engine (1.8l vs 1.6l) and ran about 10mpg less. Curiously the Mazda does about the same as the Acura did, may be 2-3mpg better, but with a larger engine (2.3l). The trend is more efficiency.

    The Mini Convertible has the same engine as the 02 Mini, and in 02 that engine design was already old. Trade in and a newer engine design will perform much better.

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