Travelogue With Photos: Visiting Bandelier National Monument.

I thought you guys would be interested in seeing some pictures from a short trip we took this week down to Bandelier National Monument here in New Mexico. This park was established in 1916, covers over 33,000 acres of land, and has 70 miles of hiking trails. There are numerous areas (over 3,000) of Ancestral Pueblo (formerly called the Anasazi) dwellings throughout the 33,000 acres, some of which have been excavated and made easily accessible and many that exist untouched after 800 years. We went hiking through a lot of the park, went up and down ladders into the multi-storied cliff dwellings, and enjoyed over 6 hours of silent reflection learning about these people and how they lived. It is amazing when you start thinking about how people lived before and how different our culture today is. These people were so preoccupied with surviving that they did not have many of the petty concerns we have today. Life is so easy today compared to 800 years ago! Hope you enjoy the pictures…











If you are ever out in central/northern New Mexico, I would highly recommend you visit Bandalier!

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