Treat a Cold the Natural Way


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If it’s wintertime where you live, then you know what that means – it’s time to bring out the supplies needed to treat a cold! Cold and flu season brings on all sorts of maladies, from the sniffles all the way to the flu and pneumonia. But the most common aiment people come down with is the common cold, and thankfully there are ways to treat a cold without resorting to all sorts of pills and cover-ups. Here are the most popular ways you can naturally treat a cold this season.

Blow Your Nose – Blowing your nose regularly throughout the day is one of the best ways to fight back a cold. It relieves pressure inside your head, clears out your nasal passages so you can breathe, and helps to push the virus out of your system. However, don’t blow too hard as to damage yourself or your eardrums. Blow your nose gently and often, and always wash your hands afterwards.

Get Some Sleep – Sleep can help your immune system recover from a cold. Give your body a rest by spending time reading, watching TV, or just sleeping. If you try to do too much while you have a cold, you could prolong it’s time with you.

Take Steamy Hot Showers – You can treat a cold with just a hot shower. The hot water beating on your chest can help relieve congestion, and the steam can help clear out your nose and even relieve a sore throat. They can also help to moisturize that nose you have been blowing all day!

Enjoy Hot Soups and Beverages – People don’t eat hot chicken soup when they have a cold for nothing! Hot soups and beverages (like tea) can help you stay hydrated and soothe your throat as well.

Take Zinc Lozenges – Zinc is a natural mineral that is found in all sorts of foods and seeds. It has been shown to possibly disable cold viruses from growing and thus potentially shortening the length and severity of your cold. For more on Zinc, check out ABC news.

Gargle with Salt Water – Treat that cold with some good old fashioned salt water! Gargling a few times a day with a mixture of table salt and water can help relieve a sore throat and give you some relief from the pain.

Here’s to hoping that some of these tips will help you treat a cold this season. No one likes to come down with a cold, but these are some ways you can help to minimize any disruption or discomfort that comes from getting a cold.

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  1. The best way to treat a “cold” is to:

    1. Go to a reputable healing center or therapist and get COLONIC IRRIGATION or a “colonic”
    2. Drink lots of pure water a couple of hours after the colonic.

    2. Drink a green vegetable juice (i.e. romaine lettuce, cukes, spinach and all preferably organic)a while after the water. If available in your area, pressed juices are the best!

    3. If/When hungry, eat a big, juicy salad with Apple Cider vinegar, FRESH grated ginger, and a healthy oil like extra virgin olive oil or hemp seed oil. DO NOT DRINK ANY LIQUIDS WHILE EATING, EVER!!! If you are thirsty while eating you are dehydrated or are eating foods that are making you dehydrated! Liquids interfere with your digestion, specifically with the action of your digestive enzymes, which break down your food. Also, learn about proper food combining and what foods should not be eaten together – this type of knowledge and lifestyle will prevent colds to begin with.

    Don’t mix up the steps. If you can’t find colonics in your area, buy a large enema bag, and give yourself 2-4 enemas with warm water (one right after the other) until only clear water comes out.

    Lastly, Chicken Soup might be tasty to to you, but it doesn’t help!


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