TreePeople: Edens Lost & Found on TV tonight.

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On PBS tonight, TreePeople and Andy Lipkis are featured in a nationally broadcast PBS series narrated by actor Jimmy Smits.

About Edens Lost & Found:
“Los Angeles was once known as the
city of dreams. Can it be reclaimed from suburban sprawl and poor planning?
TreePeople’s Andy Lipkis and Mayor Villaraigosa fervently believe so. Join
us and learn how the most storied of American cities is bucking stereotypes and
leading the way in eco-innovations. Also featured are Friends of the Expo
Line; Friends of the LA River; the Rivers & Mountains Conservancy; and Girls Today
Women Tomorrow in Boyle Heights.”

Well now this should make for good TV tonight, yes? For a little more info, go to Edens Lost and Found.

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