TreePeople: Helping nature to fix our environment.

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No, it’s not some weird group of people that live in trees here in Los Angeles because they cannot afford the outrageous real estate in town. Rather, it is an incredible 45 acre area for hiking and mountain biking right in the in the center of Los Angeles that does more than just look pretty. Some people instantly think of Griffith Park when they think about getting “outdoors”, but I think of the TreePeople at Coldwater Canyon Park.

The park started life as the mountain patrol headquarters for the LA Fire Department in 1923, and in 1974 TreePeople Founder and President Andy Lipkis discovered the area and got the city to allow TreePeople to start planting seedlings.

You see, TreePeople is not just a hiking area…they plant and grow trees for all of Los Angeles, participating in plantings in all areas of the city. If you become a member of TreePeople, you even get 4 trees to plant in your own yard. They put on forestry workshops, give guided hikes, have many volunteer opportunities and even put on plays in their small garden ampitheatre. In January and February they distribute free fruit trees to help combat hunger here in Los Angeles.

From their site:

“TreePeople’s mission is to inspire the people of Los Angeles to take personal responsibility for the urban forest – educating, training and supporting them as they plant and care for trees and improve the neighborhoods in which they live, learn, work and play.

TreePeople’s mission reaches beyond the simple act of planting a tree. Our K-12 education programs raise environmental awareness and enrich academic lessons by teaching valuable life skills.

Our forestry programs restore watersheds and fragile habitats. This work also brings neighbors together, revitalizes inner-city communities, cools and greens campuses, and address serious urban issues including water and energy conservation, flood prevention and stormwater pollution.

Our T.R.E.E.S. project is changing the nation’s approach to urban watershed management, motivating other cities to adopt “best management practices”and follow our lead.

TreePeople relies on volunteers like you to organize plantings on school campuses, city streets, and in parks and wilderness areas. Volunteers help grow seedlings in our nursery and raise money to fund our programs.”

They are a really great organization that really cares about the environment and the impact we have on it. Through their educational activities to their free tree programs, they are making a difference both here in the city and nationwide. So if you are a native Angeleno or you happen to be here visiting, check out the TreePeople. You wont be disappointed and I promise you will want to come back and do more exploring.

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  1. Imagine your neighborhood treeless! Imagine a school playground paved over with asphalt and no spot of shade for a child to rest under! Although the first notion may be exaggerated, the second isn”™t. Many of the schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District are virtually treeless. In collaboration with Planet Green and TreePeople I created a solution that you can put into action today!

    By recycling inkjet cartridges you can earn cash and a sponsored tree planting at your school! Start recycling your cartridges today and let”™s crack the playground asphalt. Not only will you be keeping harmful inks from entering our water supply and plastics out of landfills, but you”™ll be improving the splendor and wellbeing of our schools and communities. According to Recharger Magazine, “Every year, more than 300 million plastic printer cartridges end up dumped in landfills in the United States and around the world – almost eight cartridges are thrown away in the United States every second.”

    Whether you”™re a parent, teacher or community member you can actively participate in this opportunity. Simply pick up the phone and call your local Los Angeles Unified District School to see if they have an inkjet collection program implemented with Planet Green. If they don”™t ”“ start one. It”™s in your hands to improve the wellbeing of your community and Planet Green will provide you all the materials you need to get started free of charge.

    To view terms and conditions regarding the Los Angeles Unified School District Tree
    Planting Incentive please visit or contact me at Planet Green Toll Free at 1.800.377.1093. You may also visit TreePeople online at

    Renée van Staveren
    Recycling Program Director
    Planet Green

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