The True Meaning Of Bushs Press Conference.

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So after hearing and then reading the transcript of President Bush’s press conference on February 14th, I decided to I wanted to explain what he really meant. You see, Bush loves to talk, as evidenced by his complete control of the English language. So some people might not fully understand what he means when he gives these press conferences, and I wanted to fill you in. His quotes will be in bold type, and my explanation/response will follow each segment. I am not putting the entire transcript up as it is about 103,462 pages long, but rather only the most important segments. I hope this helps everyone to understand!

In other words, I’m paying attention to the schedule of troop deployments to make sure that they’re there, so that General Petraeus will have the troops to do the job — the number of troops to do the job that we’ve asked him to do.

See, he is paying attention to the schedule, you…you…ordinary citizens that have no need for time. This President is watching the clock, ok? And you can tell he wants you to understand by the way he said “In other words, I’m paying attention to the schedule”. (Psst – what other way is there to say that? And who didn’t understand so he had to rephrase it?)

We talked about the coordination between Iraqi and coalition forces. And I would characterize their assessment as the coordination is good. In other words, there’s good conversation, constant conversation between the commanders of our troops and their troops, and that’s a positive development.

Again, he just wants you simple folks to understand what he is saying. He wants to phrase things in “other words” in case you didn’t understand the prior sentence. (Psst – Yes, he said the same thing. In the same words. No, you aren’t that simple.)

We saw on our TV screens the terrorists will send car bombs into crowded markets. In other words, these are people that will kill innocent men, women and children to achieve their objective…

Ok, I cannot take much more of these explanations in all their “other words”..

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