TV standby buttons will be outlawed

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Have you ever taken a look at how many of your electric devices are still “on” even when you arent using them? It is amazing that almost everything in my house was still on, powered and ready to go at a moments notice, whether I use it every day or only occasionally. For instance, in my house, the television, DVD player, Tivo, stereo, coffee maker, microwave and all the computer equipment are always on “stand-by”, just waiting for me to push the ON button. This means that they are using electricity all day and all night, just for the convenience of me not having to wait 3 seconds to use them. I read somewhere that sometimes these devices can still be using up to 70% of their normal electricity needs just by being on stand-by. This is not acceptable! I went ahead and put power strips on everything, so I can just flick the power off to all the devices until I need to use them. This way I can save electricty and save money on my electric bill at the same time. In the UK, they are going to start a ban on “stand-by” switches, which I think is a good idea. Imagine how much power and money could be saved if everyone in the country (or world!) actually turned their stuff OFF when they werent needed, instead of just turning them onto stand-by mode. I think we need to do more in this country to be more pro-active when it comes to our usage of electricity. For instance, almost all the lights are still on in my office all night…for who? I know that no one is there once the cleaning crew leaves, so why are the lights on? Oh it irks me…..

Article: TV standby buttons will be outlawed – Times Online

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  1. It’s great that standby buttons are going over here – lots of things don’t need them – why have a standby on your microwave or dishwasher? Crazy! (Anything where the socket is accessible in our house gets turned off when it’s not in use)

    We have come across a great device Wattson for monitoring your electricity usage (yes, it’s pricey, but stylish and if devices do use up to 70% of their “on” power when they are on standby then it’ll soon pay for itself)

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