Untested Toxic Chemicals To Be Sprayed Over San Francisco?

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Seems legit…anyone have more info on this?

On January 24th, 2008, United States Department of (USDA) Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner announced the availability of $74.5 million in emergency funding to combat the light brown apple moth (LBAM) infestation in California (1). This announcement comes in conjunction with the release of the California Department of Agriculture’s (CDFA) expanded aerial spray zone, which includes the entire cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkley and many others.

Following is a link to a recently published proposal of spray boundaries, the yellow lines indicating the proposed spray zones (www.hopefortruth.com/lbam_2008.jpg) . More than two million people who live in these and other targeted cities are scheduled to be exposed this spring or summer to chemicals that that have never been tested on humans or animals before.

Apparently the CDFA or the USDA, or both, decided that the previous chemical formula’s used, Checkmate LBAM-F and Checkmate OLR-F were not good enough, which really points to the fact that the past two aerial sprays in Monterey, and the one in Santa Cruz County, were a waste of time and money, in addition to the severe health reactions experienced by thousands of people from chemical exposure.


Yellow area denotes proposed spray areas.

Sounds scary…anyone hear about this anywhere else other than right here?

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